Wind has been used for hundreds of years. In its earliest forms, windmills were used for pumping water and for grinding grain. Today, wind turbines have replaced most windmills. Turbines are more powerful and are able to capture more of the in the wind in order to generate electricity. However, wind power is not always an ideal solution–there are and of wind .

Wind is one of the fastest-growing sources in the world. This may be because of its many , which are listed below:

• This type of is clean and safe–it does not cause any type of pollution or greenhouse gasses.

• Unlike the fossil fuels on which the world depends upon, wind power will not become scarce at any point. It is a renewable resource and will never be used up.

• Wind is one of the least expensive forms of renewable available.

• Farmers and ranchers can earn money from the placement of wind turbines. The turbines can be placed on their farms or ranches without interfering with the working of the land, and the power plant owners make rent payments for the use of the land.

• Wind turbines take up a great deal less space than other types of power stations. The base of a turbine is only a few square meters in size.

• Wind can be used in remote locations and in developing countries where it is otherwise difficult to provide power.

• Computer-directed blades on wind turbines can adjust the slant in order to suit the direction of the wind in order to assure an uninterrupted supply of power.

• Wind power can provide electricity on a large- or small-scale basis. Turbines can be installed in groups so as to generate power for a small community or individual people can opt to install their own turbines to generate their own electricity.

• There are very low maintenance costs involved in using wind . Wind turbines need little attention in order to function for many years.

Despite the vast number of in using wind , some people are not convinced that this type of power source is an ideal option. This is because there are several of wind power:

• Wind is not suitable for all areas of the world. In areas where there is little wind, the turbines will not produce power.

• The strength of the wind produced by the turbines may not be constant; therefore, the amount of power produced can vary.

• Some wind turbines are quite noisy. When several are located close together, this noise can be disturbing to both people and wildlife.

• The initial construction of wind turbines can be very costly.

• Environmentalists are disturbed by the fact that birds have been killed by flying into the rotors of the turbines.

Before choosing this type of source, it is wise to weigh the and of wind . There is no ideal form of that will suit everyone, so consider carefully before making a decision.


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