best dating ideas

It seems as though there are two main times when it’s tough to think of just the right type of date for you and your partner: when the relationship is really young and you don’t know each other’s tastes very well, and when the relationship is a little older and you get stuck in a rut. For any time when it seems like you just can’t think of the best dating ideas, here are some simple tips that might be able to jump start your imagination.

This may be difficult advice to follow, but if you can you’ll be much more relaxed and have more fun on your date: don’t take it too seriously. Dates are supposed to be fun times shared with you and someone special. It doesn’t have to be on some time table or schedule. Just try to think of something that you and your partner would find fun and will help the two of you create a deeper bond and some lasting memories.

Simple things can be great for the first date such as a picnic, watching a sunset, etc. These things will be a relaxing and romantic date and will allow the two of you plenty of time to talk and get to know each other better.

You can also do dinner and a movie and even though this isn’t the most unique of dates it can still be a great way to spend time together, especially if there is a movie that both of you are interested in. This type of date isn’t as conducive to talking, though of course you’ll talk over dinner, but that may be a good thing if you’re a little shy and this is one of the first dates you’ve had with your partner.

Going to a carnival or a festival is a great date for summertime. This type of date is another great option for a casual first date. It will allow a lot of distractions in case the conversation starts to wane. There will always be something or someone the two of you can talk about.

If you go on a date to a place that serves alcohol, if you’re an adult, make sure you don’t drink too much. This may sound like obvious advice but drinking too much is an easy mistake to make when you’re nervous. If you drink too much and become belligerent or a sloppy drunk, it will likely be your last date with that person. This is a point I can’t stress enough. Don’t over drink!

Another good piece of date advice is to make sure you have a conversation with your partner, not a lecture. It’s important that you let your partner talk too, ask a little about them, don’t just spend the whole time talking about yourself or your interests. Again, it’s easy to talk too much when you’re nervous, but if you do then it can be a real turn off and you most likely won’t see that person again any time soon. Make sure you give and take when it comes to the conversation. This is a wonderful opportunity to get to really know the other person on a deeper level. That is the basis for any strong, fun, loving relationship.

These are the best dating ideas and they can help you not only plan a great date, but also have fun and make a great impression on your date. Just keep them in mind and you’ll be much better at dating and have more dates and more fun.


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