Comic Ghost Rider – From The Pages Of A Book To The Big Screen

One of the most successful franchises for the giant Marvel Comics is the comic Ghost Rider. Since the first release of the comic book, there have been several hundred issues with a variety of spin offs, and many generations of fans of all ages.

It is no surprise that the success of the comic was noticed by Hollywood movie producers and soon after made its way on to the movie screen. Several Marvel comic classics have made their way into movies and the comic Ghost Rider is only one of the many.

X-men, Spiderman and the Fantastic Four have been made into movies and were successful enough that sequels were planned. Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk which are huge fan favorites, have also been turned into movie versions.

Similar classics, such as The Punisher and Thor will be making a debut on the big screen. A compelling story line is what makes these comic to movie adaptations so successful. The comic Ghost Rider features an intricate and deep story line that mixes in action, horror and just a hint of the occult in the correct amount to attract many viewers and create new fans.

With the advance of special effects, movies have become much more vivid featuring special effects and visuals that were once only available in the comic books. The comic Ghost Rider is about a man named Johnny Blaze who is a reluctant motorcycle stuntman, that strikes a deal with the devil to become the best of all stuntmen. After several years of success, the devil comes to Johnny for payment in the form of services and Johnny becomes a Ghost Rider which is the devils collector of souls that are damned.

Blaze does not accept his fate and goes against the devils wishes and then uses his ability to seek vengeance on the many evil elements of society. The comic Ghost Rider has an entertaining and exciting story line and you will not be dissapointed with the creative’s department. As Johnny Blaze turns into the ghost rider, he is dressed in biker clothing and has a flaming skull for a head. His monstrous motorcycle is something else entirely and features burning wheels.

The primary weapon that ghost rider uses is a chain,that seems to have its own mind and can extend far beyond what should be physically possible. The movie version has many popular actors including Nicholas Cage in the starring role, Eva Mendez and Wes Bentley. The movie is a spectacular event that features dramatic special effects and tons of exciting action. It is definitely worth watching.

The comic Ghost Rider shows the capacity of how a simple American pastime can grow with each generation and become more advanced as newer technology is discovered.


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