Many women constantly ponder what the best ways are to flirt with men appearing as if they are willing to be “picked up.” Due to modern values and beliefs, that can actually be a rather difficult task. Another problem is that there are just too many men who only seem to be looking for sex. In fact, these are the men you need to be the most careful around because they’ll take ANY show of friendliness as a sign you’re open to a one night stand. Don’t be discouraged, though. There are some ways you can flirt seeming as if you’re ready to hop into bed.
To begin with, consider the places where you flirt with men. This has a strong influence on how the men will take your . If you flirt with the man in line next to you at the post office, or at the checkout counter of a super market, it’s pretty easy to see that you’re not trying to hook up with him. Pick any mundane location where you might run into an attractive man and you’re pretty safe in with him. They’ll just assume it’s your way of being friendly.
There are places, however, that you’ll want to be careful with your . The top of that list are bars and nightclubs. A lot of these places are simply where people go to hook up with others and “get lucky.” So if you find yourself in one of these places by yourself or other women, be ready to receive some pretty intense . Remember, though, that these guys are hoping for something much more from you than just . It may not matter how subtle you are at . They will take anything that looks like a hopeful opportunity and try to turn it into more.
It is quite possible to flirt looking easy once you get the hang of it. You can give a man you like a small smile while glancing up at him with your eyes fixed on his. This shows him that you find him worth with. Practicing your skills will help it become as easy as breathing. Your goal is to seem friendly while not being easy and the right way will give you that.
Smiling and humor is an excellent combination to use when . Humor is the best way to keep things light while and not letting it get too serious. Use it at every possible opportunity.
Once you are at the point where it doesn’t bother you if a man doesn’t return your , you’ll know that you’re a professional flirter. This is because will have become so normal and natural to you that it will simply be a large part of the way you communicate with men. This will be understood by men intuitively and they will know you’re not hitting on them. You’re but still remaining in control of the situation.


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