After you’ve been through a difficult breakup, it may be tough to settle down and think calmly, but if getting your girlfriend back is your goal, that is exactly what you’ll need to be able to do. This will become particularly important if your ex has started to date again. If that is the case it’s likely that you’ll feel a sense of urgency so she doesn’t get too involved with anyone else.

It’s important to keep in mind that no two relationships are the same and the reasons the fell apart aren’t the same either, but there are some things that tend to work well in most cases.

Here is a list of some things to keep in mind:

1. No matter how hard it is to do you have to give her some space and some time. How can she realize she misses you if you’re practically stalking her via text mes?

2. Try to spend time doing constructive things that make you feel good about yourself. Stay away from the bars and instead start working out, take a class, spend some time with your friends. Whatever it is just make sure that it’s positive for you and not a negative thing that will eventually cause more problems.

3. Be prepared to take a long hard, and possibly painful, look at yourself and the part you played in the deterioration of the relationship. If you’re not willing to admit you made mistakes and try to improve, why would you even want to get back together with her since you’ll just repeat all the same mistakes again and you’ll both be miserable?

4. If she indicates that she is open to the idea of getting back together, set up a time where the two of you can talk. This is a vital step and the two of you have got to learn better ways of communicating or this meeting might end up in a screaming match and will only convince her that the relationship is over.

While getting your girlfriend back is not a sure thing, if you follow these tips you will greatly increase the likelihood that things will work out just the way you want them to. Just make sure that both of you are willing to face the issues and make the changes necessary to make your relationship work this time around.


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