If you think that your girl is getting bored with you and your you may want to know how to be a challenge to your girlfriend. Being a little less available and accommodating may seem like a good way to keep her interested and in love with you. And it may be, depending on the type of person your girlfriend it. The better way to go about shoring up your relationship is to try to go back to the man you were at the start.

What were you like when the two of you first met and fell in love? Did you bring her flowers and gifts? Did you write her affectionate little notes? Were you always complimenting her? More than likely, it happens in most relationships, some of these things have gone by the wayside since you’ve been together. It usually happens slowly, you stop doing one thing as often as you used to,then another, and before you know it you don’t do any of the things you used to do. This is called taking someone for granted.

If you find that you have been doing that, without being aware of it or really meaning to, than you can easily fix it. Get back to doing those things that you used to do but don’t do anymore. That one thing alone will help her remember the guy she fell in love with and can bring the spark back to your relationship without you having to resort to games such as figuring out how to be a challenge to your girlfriend.

If your girl seems to be pulling back from you, your first impulse might be too pull back too, play hard to get. For most situations, that’s a mistake. Think about it, if she’s already feeling a cold breeze coming from you, do you really think backing off more will really help? Usually not. It’s better in most cases to just go back to the guy you were in the start. She fell in love with you for a reason, and more than likely she’s cooled towards you because you aren’t the same man she fell in love with.

To make things better, just go back to being that guy. Simple. Also, make sure that the opposite isn’t true. Are you smothering her? It’s easy to do when you really care about someone. Make sure that you don’t go too far the other way and do everything for her. No mater how nice of a person she might be, it’s hard to ignore all the attention and not let it go to your head. If that has happened, slowly and gently back off. Give her some breathing room.

It can be a scary thing when you feel the one you love start to pull back and cool off towards you. The problem is that if you don’t react to this the right way you might just make things worse. Instead of relying on silly games like learning how to be a challenge to your girlfriend you should try to determine what’s changed in the way you act that she might be responding to and try to get back to being the man she fell in love with in the beginning.


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