Perks of Citibank credit card

Citibank cards offer a wide range of benefits. Basically, all of it features offer clients with security during emergencies, the advantage of not bringing cash and checks, and improving independence and responsibility in financial management.

Other than these basic perks of cards, there are specified benefits the Citibank cards have to offer. Here are some of the cards and their corresponding perks:

1) Diners club international card. This kind of card provides you with the decision of your own limit. The interest rates would not show on your bill for fifty days. Since this Citibank card could be used all around the world, it gives you the privilege of using it within five million companies worldwide. The ATM card could be used anywhere in the world. And lastly, there is no extra fee when the Citibank card is lost.

2) The Citibank Gold Card. This kind of Citibank card provides you with a higher and cash limit. It offers you access on international lounges and airports. It has a strong and secured insurance. And there is no fee when the card has been stolen, lost or damaged.

3) Jet Airways Citibank International Gold Card. This kind of card allows the cardholder to take advantage of jet privileges and promos on jet miles when you make use of the or cash. When you have been approved with this kind of card, you will be automatically given a jet airways ride of 1500 miles. Plus, the services and card is insured.

4) The Citibank Silver Card. This kind of card has several kinds of insurances like personal accidents, baggage and household insurances that would cover up your expenses. There are also occasional discounts on certain stores and zero costing on lost cards.

5) The Citibank Woman’s card. This kind of card the women. It provides women with discounts on jewelry, cosmetics, health products, clothes and many shopping stores. It also provides jewelry insurance and there is no extra fee when the Citibank card is lost.

6) Specialty cards. There are Citibank cards that provide you specifically with music and book stores usage, gives you an advantage on concerts and movie passes, and could give you discounts on oil transactions. These kinds of cards would depend on which you apply for and use regularly.

With those numerous advantages, you will surely wonder how you were able to get along without it.


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