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Wind Energy and Whats The Big Deal

The other day I was looking out my window and I saw something that wasn’t there the day before: two of my neighbors had installed their own wind turbines, one on a rood, and one in the yard. I had thought about using wind

How You Can Start Dating Beautiful Women

Let’s face it, men like dating beautiful women. I don’t think anyone would dispute the notion that most men are attracted to healthy, fit, and beautiful women. Having a stunningly gorgeous woman on his arm is a huge boost to the male ego, particularly

Most Popular Male and Female Tennis Players

Famous Male Tennis Players Roger Federer. This 25 year old Swiss tennis professional currently ranks No. 1 in the world. He is a very promising talent and has proven many great achievements since he started playing tennis. In 2004, he won three Grand Slam

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We round out our program with features including Joyce Meyer's "Everyday Moments;" Dr. James Dobson's "Family Talk;" Focus on the Family's "Plugged-In Movie Review" and "Family Minute;" Beth Moore's "A Quick Word;" Luis Palau's "Reaching Your World;" Dave Ramsey's "Daily Money Makeover;" and Matt

How To Overcome Communication Problems in Relationships

Communication problems in relationships are so common that no matter how great you and your sweetie get along, you’re bound too run into some mis-communication, somewhere along the line. The good news is, with the right approach, these problems usually aren’t too hard to


Dugis Ultimate World of Warcraft Guide Dugies World of Warcarft guide has been created by Dave Farwell (Dugi), a WOW expert with over 7860 hours of play time to his credit. The guide includes information about different aspects of the game like leveling, professions,