People are becoming more aware that they can use wind to convert the of the wind into by using a wind turbine. You are seeing more of these turbines popping up all over the country.

Technology has now gotten to the point where even one small turbine can generate enough to make it worth it to install one for your household use.

Unless you have deep pockets, or if you plan on staying in your home, purchasing a turbine won’t be the best option for you. They are very costly and it will take you a long time to recoup that investment.

It is a good idea, however, to build your own turbine. The technology has advanced to the point where turbines can be small enough to fit on your rooftop, but you’ll still get about 60% of your generated for free.

By building your own turbine you can recoup your investment in months, whereas if you bought one it would take years to get your money back.

To build your own turbine you will need to take three basic steps:

1. Buy a manual that will show you how to build it in easy step by step directions. Make sure that whatever manual you get has a complete listing of all the parts you’ll need and is written in clear, easy to understand language.

2. Buy the parts you’ll need to build your turbine.

3. Set aside a day or two to assemble your turbine. For most people it won’t even take a day or two, it just depends on how much time you can devote to it.

That’s it. You’re done. You now have a way to get from wind and save a lot of money on your utility bills for years to come.


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