New Research Into Reducing Risks & Symptoms Of Diabetes


New Research Into Reducing Risks & Symptoms Of DiabetesWhistle-Blower Chef Exposes the Lies You have been told by Your Doctor and the Restaurant Industry!

Not only did what I discover save my life, it saved those of my wife and family too. Every word I am writing to you right now is 100% true.

The pharmaceutical industry spends BILLIONS on marketing drugs to you that you only need after you are sick.  

Admittedly, DOCTORS know nothing about nutrition and definitely nothing on how to make REAL HEALTHY food taste good.

At one time in my life, I studied nursing. That period taught me that doctors only want to treat illness with drugs.

I have worked in restaurants, owned food trucks, a restaurant and still cater large events from time to time.

Even though I am from the restaurant industry, I am here to tell you that the so-called healthy food you get in restaurants…

Combining health and food, I have now DEVOTED my career to studying and sharing health solutions through what I know best… 

They told her, as a Type-1 Diabetic, she should be eating more carbohydrates to keep her blood sugar stable…

Her energy level was low and between her erratic blood sugar levels and my weight gain, we seemed like a doomed couple… we felt hopeless…

The reason this diet is called “ketogenic” is because it allows the body to shift its fuel source from carbohydrates (bad) to FAT (good) and, in so doing, creates ketone bodies (Ketosis).

Ketosis is the NATURAL Process by which the body’s mitochondria changes from burning sugar or carbohydrates for energy to burning fat for energy. 

Ketones develop as a result of fat burning (fat oxidation), and they supply the body with the required energy. It’s a much cleaner fuel… like using diesel fuel instead of gas.

The Keto Diet regulates blood sugar by keeping insulin suppressed through a specifically designed program that turns the body into a FAT Burning machine instead of a SUGAR Burning machine.

Have you ever wondered why you diet and exercise but just CAN’T lose weight? – it is the HORMONE INSULIN! It directly controls fat storage vs. fat burning.  

When the body is using fat for fuel instead of glucose, there is no need for as much insulin which causes less fat storage.  

Keto was the first thing that was actually helping, but we were stalling… not just stalling, there were problems with traditional keto…

This is the exact moment when I took things into my own hands and poured over research, articles, books and even talked to holistic doctors… trying to find a better solution for my family.

FatLicious is a guide book and supported by awesome cookbooks designed to give you delicious food in the fat-burning lifestyle…

1. Keto Flu – It makes you sick because most people don’t have the correct support when shifting from sugar burning to fat burning. Done incorrectly, your electrolytes can be imbalanced.

2. No Carbs – Having no carbs can be very taxing… Read more…

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