The Timeshare Exchange Bible


The Timeshare Exchange BibleFirst, I feel the need to share a story  with you that, frankly, makes me look like an idiot when it comes to my experience in exchanging timeshares. You’ll see why I was reluctant to even include this story in about a minute… 

Here’s what’s funny to me: Because I’ve been in the timeshare industry for many years, I get comments like…“You were probably always a timeshare exchange expert" while in fact, I was the exact opposite!

I was wearing my favorite most comfortable shorts my wife had bought for me, a Tommy Bahama Shirt, sandals and sunglasses… I was with my beautiful wife of 7 years.

We had just landed on the island of Kauai, Hawaii and were on our way to our Timeshare Resort 30 miles north in the town of Princeville.

I was really excited because after 2 previous trips to Maui, I had finally convinced her to go to my favorite Island, Kauai, for our 7th anniversary. 

Now, the story you’re about to hear is pretty bad in places, but this was the experience that led me from being like the average timeshare owner, settling for whatever mediocre exchange they gave me…

Despite knowing this, I guess I didn’t feel it deep enough as I needed to experience one really embarrassing, horrific event to really get me on the path to unraveling the secrets to the exchange process, once and for all.

My stomach dropped when I saw the plain, small building that was the main office.  After checking in we drove to our condo thinking… "How bad could it be. Just look at this beautiful place?”

No sooner had we walked in the condo than we realized our romantic, anniversary getaway was ruined… 

Just then, my wife called me to come and take a… Read more…

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