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Deer Hunting Tips - Whitetail Deer Hunting - Mule Deer Hunting - mainIf you’re like me and love to talk about deer, deer hunting and ways to harvest big bucks then keep reading…. this might be one of the most important letters you could read this year!

Taking a BIG buck, a trophy buck, is a dream to most hunters. To be able to do it consistently is what separates the experts from the wanna-bees.

Think about it – deer hunting is all about knowing deer habits, where and how they spend their time and what they do under varying conditions.

Successful deer hunting – finding and taking those trophies – happens when you discover all the secrets to get into the right position to harvest them. That, my friend, is what this book is all about!

As we promised, we updated the book and added some excellent content. The first new chapter is "Scoring Deer on the Hoof: Shoot or Don’t Shoot?" and covers all the details of what to look for when you are trying to decide to shoot that posible record book buck. Learning how to quickly score them while in the field is something a trained hunter can do – but you have to understand how to judge size and know what to look for.

The second new chapter is one almost all hunters will want to know: "Using Trail Cams To Increase Your Trophy Buck Harvest". This is one of the most complete discussions of trail cams you’ll find anywhere. You learn how to use them, how to choose them and be introduced to advanced methods that will put you onto big bucks that are in your hunting areas.

"I was able to see over twenty deer per day using your scent control methods and used the goal setting plans to finally bring down a buck I can be proud of."

After three years in the field and countless hours, I was still unable to bag a decent buck.

Your book and e-mail pointers helped me identify and locate the best places to hunt on my parent’s land. I was able to see over twenty deer per day using your scent control methods and used the goal setting plans to finally bring down a buck I can be proud of. Thanks for your help!!!

I just bagged my meat buck, on the windiest day of the week, gusting up to 64kph out of the west. It was a nice 5×5, scoring 150 with only 2 inches of deductions, net typical of 147 and 6/8ths.

I took your advice and went into the thick undercover and found a nice trail and stood and waited for a couple of hours. The deer were moving thru there like ants on a sugar cube. Just one more tag to fill, and I can hardly wait to take that big Sask. whitetailed monster.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info and show you my results from all of it.

This is an Alberta, Canada whitetail deer taken with a 25-06 at 300 yds. Darryl B. Alberta, Canada

Anyone can get lucky… but to be one of those who can consistently locate and actively hunt big bucks in almost any territory requires lots of professional tactics, special knowledge and inside secrets.

Most new and ‘average’ hunters are satisfied with marginal results year after year… yet, with just a little help, some excellent inside knowledge, and tips from successful hunters…. well – their ability to harvest the buck of their dreams comes into the realm of possibility. You still have to work at it… but it makes a huge difference when you have the knowledge working for you.

Even if you only want meat for the table or only have a tag for a doe, this advanced hunting information will help you be a better hunter and teach you how to maximize your time in the field.

– “I liked the in depth stuff about where to find trophy bucks. Wind currents and thermals ‘

– “The section on scents and calling was very helpful this year. I pulled a 170lb 10pt right in on me after reading.“

– “I’ve been hunting for 3 years now and it’s helping me to understand the different phases of hunting…”

– ”I liked all the specific details to almost every aspect of deer hunting. I just started hunting again after about 20 years off so I am learning all over again”

– “The book is a great review for the “seasoned hunter”. After years of hunting the same places a person gets somewhat complacent. You tend to forget the life of the whitetail. Also the book is to the point. What should be done and how to perform certain tricks of the trade to be successful. People will use this book often before and during the hunting season.”

– “I liked your book and benefited most from the chapters on still hunting, stalking and calling”

– “I like that the book went over material that I may have already known, but have incorrectly trained myself not to fully implement. Since reading your book, I have been very well prepared this season and felt more confident even before I leave my house. By reading your book before I left home to get in the field, I made my list of materials I need and how I will use them when scouting/hunting. “

– “What helped me most this past season was searching for the secondary trails bucks use instead of the main ones and I found a couple of good ones. Also the ridges I hunt I was able to identify some good funnels for the next season.”

– “Just about any deer hunting question I have is there in this book. Its very informative.”

– “Very good descriptions about deer’s habits, where they are and what are they doing during the day and season.”

– “I liked the info on hunting heavy cover for big bucks as well as good times to still hunt and stalk.”

– “… the one thing in your book made… Read more…