I’m sure you can add to this list, but these are just a few of the obvious benefits of getting fit and losing weight. More Energy: When you lose weight and you become fit, you just naturally have more energy. You GLOW! Beach Body: Just think how good it will feel to be proud of your beach body in your new swimsuit, or how you’ll look when you slip into those smaller clothes you’ve had your eye on. Be Healthier: Sure you want to feel great, but it’s even more important for you and for those that you love, that you are also great on the inside. You want to be and stay as healthy as possible. More Family Activities: The years pass by so very quickly. You want to make sure you are creating happy memories with your family and friends. Being fit and thinner definitely helps you do that. Have Healthier Hair & Skin: Yes, I share my best hair and skin care tips in my monthly GON GLOW program too! Save money: Bad foods cost a lot of money. Add to that the cost of increased health care bills and it just makes economic sense to get fit and lose weight. More Romance: As you get thinner and healthier it improves your self- esteem, your confidence and it makes you a more positive person. People around you can’t help but notice all these positive changes. It all adds up to more excitement in your life. Less Meds: You may be able to lower your medications, but, of course, always check with your doctor before making any changes to your medication doses.

BONUS 1: 50 Low-Calorie Snack Recipes by Maria Gracia The GON GLOW program incorporates 3 meals a day…and two snacks a day. In this bonus, Maria provides 50 low-calorie snack recipes that offer a wide variety of options, and are a cinch to make and enjoy. There is a beautiful color photo of each snack on each recipe page to entice you!

BONUS 2: Small Tweaks for BIG Weight Loss by Maria Gracia Just by applying these small tweaks to your life (minor adjustments that are easy to make) you can begin losing weight immediately…and keep it off. These informational gems will put you on the right path to reaching your weight goals quickly and easily.

BONUS 3: Get Healthy on a Budget by Maria Gracia Contrary to popular belief, you can eat healthy and stay fit in a very frugal, budget-friendly manner. You’ll learn Maria’s secrets for doing so in this bonus. By the way, she follows all of these golden nuggets of information herself!

BONUS 4: Feel Amazing Every Day by Maria Gracia Losing weight and getting fit is only part of your journey. Feeling amazing inside and out is an integral component of GON GLOW. Maria shares her top insights as to how you can begin feeling amazing today…and every day.