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How To Draw: Using Your Left Brain – Artist In 7 Days

How To Draw: Using Your Left Brain - Artist In 7 DaysCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAnd it looks realistic; complete with the correct perspective and light; complete with shadows that make your drawings pop and come to life.

Yes, even a complex drawing like a human face or figure, some of the hardest yet most satisfying things an artist can draw.

Creating a great drawing is its own reward. You know it’s great when you see it. From the first glance to a thorough drinking in of the image, it intrigues you.

When other people see it, they are also amazed. It turns out: you’re not the only one who loves it.

 You’ve seen awesome drawings like this, right? They are the kind of drawings that create reputations and a following.

And others. Many great artists start by drawing. It’s the basis upon which their art is built. It all starts with the basic ability to create drawings which are great art in themselves but can also be turned into paintings and other art forms

The ability to create such drawings has its own rewards but it can also open the doors to your other dreams.

You can be an artist, a painter, a sculptor. Or maybe you want to be an animator, a graphic designer or an industrial designer…the choice is yours.

There are many things you can do with such a skill. You can create your own works of art. You could draw for an animation studio. You could create graphics for games. You could create your own comics or you could work for a comic book company. Or you could sell your comics to them. Or, well…

And maybe you just want to achieve a peaceful state of mind, the self-satisfaction and the confidence that only an ability to draw can bring.

Whatever the dream is that you have for your drawing ability, you can achieve it and I’ll show you how by…

You’ve probably put this off before and, when you do, your dream of being able to draw just fades into non-existence. And this time it may possibly never return. Now is the time to get started.

I just couldn’t figure out how to make my drawings look right. No matter how hard I tried they just looked wrong. I began to question myself. I thought it was me. I thought I didn’t have enough talent and that it was never going to get better.

If you’ve had similar thoughts, you should know that you are not alone. And I know many artists who have gone through the same self-criticism.

And you’ve probably believed every word of it and that’s part of the reason why you think you can’t draw. But I’m here to tell you that:  

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably agonized over your inability to draw. You’ve wanted it so much and yet it has remained elusive. I know what it’s like. I’ve been there. It’s not pretty.

I was FRUSTRATED with dozens of books that I read about drawing. No matter how much I learned, I was UNSATISFIED with all the pictures that I drew. Believe me, I know what it’s like to want to draw better but not be able to.

Right now you may be doing well in art, but you’re feeling unsatisfied. You may be feeling like you want to take it up a notch. And maybe you’re not there yet and life is just kicking you in the ass.

I started drawing because I had a fascination with being able to take things from my head and put them down as images on paper. 

I loved to create things out of all sorts of materials. The feeling of looking back at what I created gave me an inner feeling of joy, a fullness.

After finishing each new drawing, I noticed my work seemed to lack something. There was an emptiness in it. If I was trying to copy something, the whole picture wasn’t fully represented. When I drew things, they would come out flat and kind of emotionless. I had spent hours, days, where I would copy the drawings that I thought were cool or very good, yet didn’t learn much from them. Something was wrong. Every drawing left me wanting more.

I kept on buying drawing books, going through dozens of them. I copied the images on every page through the entire book. I would draw all sorts of objects, devices, people, and places.

I learned, understood, and applied; perspective, shading, light, shadows, proportions, and fading, which all helped my drawings pop. I ended up with nice pictures, but it wasn’t enough. I was proud of it, but still, everything I drew didn’t really have life to it. Not like the professional drawings I saw others do.

I’ve tried many methods. I’ve read dozens of books and taken numerous courses but none of them seemed to work for me.

I was depressed and ready to give up when an amazing thing happened. It came to me all of a sudden. I could clearly see the pieces but they had to be put together into something useable.

That’s When I Developed a Unique System That Worked for Me… And It Seemed That No One Else Knew About This

I had found what was needed—the thing that set apart someone who just wants to draw, and someone who actually does draw well. What’s funny is that it was always in front of me all the time, and I was just too blind to see it.

I was not ready to accept it, too worried about other things. Instead of looking at the whole, I was getting distracted by the little details.

I was so worried about how well I was drawing something that the true underlying principles simply escaped my mind. I was so busy trying to replicate reality that… Read more…