How to Write Songs That Sell Video Course (no SSC – CB) — Success For Your Songs

How to Write Songs That Sell Video Course (no SSC – CB) — Success For Your SongsIf you’ve experienced any of these scenarios you may just need to know the specific elements that most successful songs have in common. After all, those elements are what’s making them appealing to listeners. Writing something that’s “cool” is one thing, but to have it be something desired by a lot of people is a something entirely different.

The great part is you can incorporate these elements into your music without compromising yourself as an artist. You might be afraid that if you learn or apply certain techniques to your music, your songs will be too cookie cutter. You don’t have to worry about that. There are plenty of approaches you can use that will make your music better, without forcing it into a sound you’re not interested in. You’ll keep all your creativity, without becoming a “cookie cutter” artist. By taking certain approaches to songwriting, you can greatly increase the chance of your listener wanting to own it.

I used to think I was the greatest songwriter around. The truth was I was far from it, because I hadn’t learned any of the concepts that can make a song great.

I wanted to be an innovator and do whatever I wanted, but I didn’t realize that before you innovate you have to know the methods that have worked again and again. Then you can stray from them. If you just do whatever you what, whenever you want, without learning, it’s a recipe for a song that’s just messy. Believe me, I learned that the hard way. I once had a song that went from rock, to funk, to jazz all in the same song! I thought it was great because it was original, but needless to say my listeners had no idea where I was taking them with that kind of music. I was trying to innovate before I knew anything about what makes a song successful.

Then I realized that once you know the ideas that go into a successful song, you can use them to make your song great, or you can creatively stray from those same ideas to make your song innovative. Either way, you win. But you have to know what those concepts are first.

Once I realized my songs weren’t working, I decided to build a solid songwriting education for myself and make it my mission to know what makes songs listeners want to hear and own. I read books, and went to seminars and workshops given by the best and most accomplished songwriting teachers around. I learned all the best tips, tricks and techniques there are. Some of what I learned worked and some didn’t. But the stuff that worked, worked incredibly well.

As I started to learn more and more about songwriting, I developed the ability to see what made successful songs work so well, while other songs didn’t. It became almost instantaneous when I listened to a new song.

I ended up analyzing a ton of hit songs for articles on my own website and for other great songwriting websites, like USA Songwriting Competition’s Blog and CD Baby’s Do It Yourself Musician’s Blog. I’ve even had my writings appear as examples in the book Songwriting Without Boundaries, by Pat Pattison, who’s an acclaimed Lyric Writing Professor at Berklee College of Music.

Once I noticed I could see songs in this way, I realized I’d have to put these ideas into an online video course to be able to give other songwriters the ability to clearly see what can make their song work, while sparing them information that doesn’t work. Not to mention saving them time too.

And that’s what I’ve done. I took all the best information on melody writing, lyric writing, chord progressions and even coming up with song ideas and put it into an online course called How to Write Songs That Sell.

This course will teach you two methods for writing a song from start to finish. The first method is called the Find Inspiration Method, where you’ll learn how to specifically draw inspiration and get ideas from other songs, and turn them into ideas that are completely your own. You’ll be able to dismember a current song, examine the parts, change them and then put them back together to create a whole new song of your own. You’ll never understand an existing song (or your own song) so well as when you take this approach.

The second method you’ll learn is the Do It Yourself Method, where you won’t be relying on other songs at all. It’ll show you how to create songs people want to hear completely from your own brain.

If you decide to combine parts of these two methods together, you’ll see great results. Great artists are always looking to other artists for ideas, while at the same time innovating from their own minds. If you combine the two methods, you have a great opportunity to do that yourself.

How to Write Songs That Sell is a comprehensive 5 module program that walks you through all the pieces you need for creating a song people want to own.

It takes you through the entire process of writing a song so you could drastically improve your songwriting in just days.

Each module is broken down into small and absorbable pieces for easy learning and fast implementation. This will also make sure you don’t get overwhelmed.

Every time I’ve taken an online course, I’ve found the best way to learn is to start by watching the videos so I can have the concepts shown to me and easily explained.

Then if I need to revisit one of the ideas or concepts I learned, I’ve always found it helpful to have a transcript, since it makes those concepts really easy to find when I need… Read more…