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Life Success Accelerator – All In One Ultimate Program.

Life Success Accelerator – All In One Ultimate Program.CLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAbout 3 years ago, both me and my wife to be Kylie were working 50-60 hours a week, often including weekends. It was okay – we were making a decent amount of money to support a relatively nice living: two cars, a house, and a holiday within the year. It all seemed to make sense.

However, it all changed when our Harper came into the world. When she was born in January 2015, I started to realize that spending so much time at work was simply not an option anymore – I literally never got to see her. 

And so, 6 months into Harper’s life, we sat down and had a conversation that changed the entire direction of our lives.

At that time, I’d heard about the opportunities to make money on Amazon using Amazon FBA. The concept seemed relatively simple – you buy products for $X, and sell them for $Y for a profit – and Amazon do the shipping and customer service…WOW.

Obviously, I wasn’t entirely sure how this would work out – let alone become our main source of income within months – so in the conversation we said that we would work on our Amazon stuff during our free time.  

As I’ve mentioned in the video, I was able to quit my job and make the equivalent amount of money after 6 months – June 2015 to December 2015 – (and sell £36,000 worth of products on the month I handed my notice in) – but let me tell you, it was some of the most difficult time of our lives.

Since there was so little good, honest advice on how to succeed with your Amazon FBA business, I had to learn everything through trial and error. Most online courses were either extremely superficial, or didn’t make sense altogether, so I was basically left on my own to figure it all out.

As if that wasn’t enough pressure already, I started experiencing difficulties at work. Since I started to be so concentrated on my Amazon Business, I had a hard time focusing at the office, which was reflected on my job performance and the projects I had to complete. 

At the same time, our daughter was still a baby, and the atmosphere at home was tense, as you can imagine at Christmas time. 

Even though I think everyone who wants more freedom and control in their lives should go for their own business, I don’t wish anyone to go through what me and my wife had to go through to succeed.

That’s why I’ve created this course – the Life Success Accelerator. Every single mistake I had made on my journey, every single strategy I used, every piece of knowledge I have regarding success on Amazon is in this course. I put my heart and soul into it, so that you don’t have to learn everything the hard way.

Here’s what Jack, after going from £500 a month to £1000 a week said since he enrolled in the program has to say:

Most online courses will teach you the technical stuff you need to start selling products on Amazon. They will show you how to set up your Amazon FBA account and how to use seller central.

Don’t get me wrong – all of this is important, and is also included in the Life Success Accelerator course.

What most courses don’t share is the logic and the know-how on how to turn profits through your fully automated Amazon business.

The Life Success Accelerator is different, because, quite frankly, I’ve already taken all the actions I need to make, I now have the time and freedom. We’re extremely happy with where we are, and I see no reason not to share what I’ve learned with you guys. As far as I’m concerned, I’ve already been blessed with this experience and my next step is to share everything I’ve gone through with as many people as possible.

First and foremost, I’ll show you the ins and outs of the Amazon platform. Amazon is the world’s biggest online marketplace, and has a lot of dynamics that separate winning products from losing products.

Some of these dynamics are fairly well known, but many of them are kept as sort of a ‘secret’ among the Amazon veterans and I had to learn them through personal experience.

Starting your own Amazon business will inevitably add some temporary stress into your life. For most people, starting a business means change, and change is never comfortable. You’ll need to allocate resources into your new business, and passions will be high.

In fact, over 90% of people who fail with Amazon do so because they’re not emotionally prepared to deal with the challenges that come with running your own business. They don’t manage their time properly, they make mistakes that lead to emotional distress, all of which kills their motivation and their business with it.

After completing these first two parts, you’ll be fully proficient to start making money on Amazon, and you’ll be emotionally prepared to do so.

The last major problem people face with their Amazon business is that they invest so much time into their business’s day-to-day operations that they don’t really get to enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

I mean, even if you make 2x your current income within 6 months through Amazon, but have to spend 60 hours a week to manage the whole thing, is it really worth it?

In fact, if you’re not going to automate your business, there’s not much point in starting it in the first place. You’ll be more stressed and have less time that when you still had your day job.

That’s why it’s so important to create automated processes that require no-to-minimum involvement on your part. So that you can literally turn off all… Read more…