Lucid Dreaming Mastery Enrollment – Lucid Academy

I tried lucid dreaming for 2 years using other techniques, but after 4 days with this system I had a lucid dream. I only had to practice for 5 minutes a day. The results speak for themselves.

I had my first lucid dream since I started the course which was really cool. loving your course and you’ve got a very pleasant voice to listen to. You should record guided meditations:). You really have put a massive lot of work into this I’m starting to realize that!

“GUESS WHAT?! I had a lucid dream last night!!  It was great! Someone in my dream asked me if I was dreaming and I had them pinch my arm. Nothing. Then I ran into a giant column to test. Nothing. Then I did the technique you showed me and realized I was dreaming and let out a giant belly laugh of joy and then started levitating/flying upwards! It was fantastic.

I’m only 5 days into the course and I just had my first totally lucid dream where I could control what happened! I’ve felt guided every step of the way and the results are way better than I expected. This course simply works.

I really should be charging way more for all the animated videos you’ll get, but I wanted to make it accessible to the whole world.

It’s the combinaton of 20 years of lucid dreaming experience, and countless hours sitting in front of a computer to perfect the animated videos, interactive quizzes, audio files, and walkthroughs.

I’ve had lucid dreams since I was a kid, but by the time I was 14 society had conditioned me to believe that dreams and sleep weren’t important. I was made to believe dreams were worthless and not real.

I remember very clearly walking into my dad’s office one day when I was 14. I saw he had a journal gripped in between his hands and I asked what he was doing,

I didn’t tell him this, but internally I laughed at him. I thought he was so ridiculous for spending time on something that wasn’t real. I had gone from having natural conscious dreams, to thinking dreams were worthless. I had accepted the limited way most people understood this existence.

Flash forward 4 years to my first year at UC Berkeley. Imagine me and a brown bench by the side of a soothing river. A friend of mine mentions he had been "lucid dreaming," and it immediately sparked something latent in me. My experiences of conscious dreaming came flooding back in an instant.

I went home that night and typed "lucid dreaming" into Google, reading everything I could get my hands on.

My journey started at UC Berkeley, where I spent most of my time studying dreams and sleep directly with the world’s leading researchers.

During that time I devoured the most important cutting-edge and ancient, pre-biblical texts available. I practiced intensely during both the day and night.

I learned how…