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Psychic Seduction Secrets

Psychic Seduction SecretsCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEHave you ever blown a chance to go out with a girl, maybe at the very beginning – or perhaps you had a good rapport and conversation going with the woman, and then for whatever reason – maybe God was pissed off at you that day or you got " blocked" or for whatever reason you and your best efforts fell flat on its face, but you knew you’d see her again later and wished you had a way to get show her why you would be a good match for her, and change her mind about you…

Or maybe you’ve secretly wanted that special girl who just wasn’t available or interested, and you just wished you had a way to get past her conscious mind’s filters and communicate directly with that part of her mind where she gets aroused and attracted to someone…

In fact, it’s even possible to attract women you might have blow it with the first time you tried to go out with.

If your girlfriend is just teetering back and forth between you and some other guy, there’s something that can help get past her barriers and resistance so she just can’t help herself and has to be with you instead of the other guy..

My name is Jim Knippenberg, and I’ve used the skills I’m about to tell you about to meet women in public, to get women at places I hang out at to become interested in me (and ask ME out!), and even get women online to meet me. And your Age difference does NOT matter! It helps if you take pride in your appearance, but you can be fat, bald, short, tall, skinny, ugly…

Once you know the secrets of telepathic influence and how we are constantly sending messages to those we are in contact with all of the time, whether we are aware of it or not, you’ve got an open door to attracting her in ways that seem totally natural for her to experience…

Some of these secrets of remote psychic influence have been around for more than 13,000 years, but many so-called experts don’t give you all the steps you need. I’m not just gonna give you detailed information you need to make your telepathic influence work, I’m even gonna show you a simple lazy method of dreamtime influence too.

These methods are REAL, and they WORK! Anyone who is willing to invest some time to do a few simple drills can get these skills to work for you! It does take some practice and effort, but that so-called "effort" is almost nothing compared to the power you’ll have with women once you know how to get women to like you and be attracted to you in this way! Telepathic Dream Invader’s is like the "Holy Grail" of psychic skills, and I can hardly wait to describe to you in all its glorious detail what you’re getting inside this course!

But before I tell you just how much you’ll benefit from getting this course, let me tell you what OTHER people are saying about me and my products!

"Another one most don’t know about is Jim Knippenberg. Regardless of what [other trainer’s name bleeped out!] says about Jim’s work (evil work of the Devil), buy all of his stuff you can!

"It is pure gold and can be easily used with Huna, with Manifestation, and with living a fun, enjoyable and productive life.

"Sincerely, Dr. John M. La Tourrette" (Former "Speed Life" Trainer from Medford, Oregon. 10th Degree Black Belt, Huna Kumu, Co-Developer of UltraMind ESP Remote Viewing / Remote Influencing program, "The Speedman," )

And those are just a few of the comments I get! I haven’t even told you about all of the satisfied ebay buyers! And I guarantee you’ll enjoy the course! So you know when you buy it now, you’re getting real gold for your money!

I won’t even tell you here about the 4 books I’ve written, the 10 training manuals, the email home study course on Psychic Close Encounters Dream Invaders, the online "Elite Inner Circle Members Only Training Area", the CD set on How To Get Virtually Any Woman’s Undivided Attention In Just 30 Seconds Or Less! My DVD course on Using Remote Influence And Energy Influence! My DVD Course on "Overcome Your Fear of Meeting Women In Just One Evening… And Start To Become A Casanova Instead!" Or my DVD on "Forgotten Love Spells of Ancient Hawaii… Let me instead tell you about the real guy behind all those awesome materials.

I mean I LOVES to eat. And even though I’m short and fat, I get women to light up like Christmas trees around me when guys half my weight and much better looking can hardly get women to give them the time of day!

What I found out shocked me and I began to understand why I got turned down so many times in the past, and better yet how to fix it – and that all attraction takes place at the energy level – you can’t even get turned on unless the right energies for being turned on are there. Well what I didn’t know was women are the same way. It’s NOT their fault if they’re not turned on and attracted to you. They can’t help it one way or the other.

But you can learn how to attract a woman (or women!) and turn her on in ways she doesn’t even know exist!

And more importantly, I’m going to show you how to turn on those wonderful energies that make women want to be with you!

Let me tell you some of what I teach you how to do in this "Psychic Close Encounters Dream Invaders" Crash Course – I pack more information in his Crash Course than you’ll find in many other people’s so-called "advanced" courses! Here’s a small taste of what you’re about to learn:

And that’s just a tiny taste of what you get… Read more…