#1 Paranormal Ghost Hunting Software

But by far the BIGGEST Challenge was after collecting all the background information, doing all the interviews, noting information found during a preliminary investigation, gathering hours upon hour of information and data during the investigation, then reviewing the evidence …. How could I put all this together in to one neat, professional looking package to give to the client?

In doing an investigation you use a large variety of tools and equipment. This is where all that information will be store so as you make your report you may choose one two or all pieces of your equipment arsenal to be added and included in your final report. This list is also easy to add, edited and delete as your arsenal grows…

This is a feature that your going to love as it allows all members who have been added to the "Investigators Profile" list to be included in a bulk email…This is a wonderful way to keep members updated in one easy step.

Here you will again be able to add and compile a list of all types of activity and with a click of your mouse add all activity that was experience during a given investigation directly to your report.

If your final report is on CD or DVD, recordings then would be available to all whom maybe interested in listening to the EVPs your team captures during it’s investigation.

This great little feature lets you add as many jpeg photos as you wish to your report and neatly places them 4 to a page when printing them out as part of your final report.

You can add your very OWN custom logo to just the cover page of the report or to all the pages by simply importing your design directly to The PLAN with a click of the mouse…It’s really that easy !

In addition to adding your own custom logo, The PLAN provides an area which you may add any additional contact, slogans or any other types of information directly beneath your logo. You then may move everything to be located to the top left, right or center of the page.

In addition here is where your also going to be able to choose the "Case Management" pages your wish to include in your final report.

If a user wants to protect a report for any reason they may do so by adding a password to protect any type of editing without first entering that users password, however protected reports may still be viewed by all, just not editable.

If for any reason your unable to find an answer to your problem you’ll find a direct email address , and I will respond A.S.A.P.

I have done literally hundreds of investigation though out my 35+ years and I’m still very active and enjoy a good "Ghost Hunt".

Though out my many years I have seen many changes in technology and now, there are so many toys, tools and gadgets out, that it makes it possible for nearly anyone …who wishes… able to make contact in one way or another. It was though these many investigations that I began to gather my ideas for a software. This software is designed specifically for Paranormal Investigations and Ghost hunting by me personally.

The Paranormal Software or if you wish Ghost Hunting Software took nearly a year to design and then write. The end result is like no other software on the market…anywhere.

Introducing " The PLAN " The Paranormal Log & Analysis Notebook

The PLAN Investigation Software is a case by case management software that provides a simply, user friendly solution for managing all aspects of your investigations.

The PLAN Investigation Software lets you and every member of your team easily manage evidence and prepare professional reports in a matter of minutes. The PLAN also allows users to go back and edit or update reports as well as offers the security of optional, password protection.

This Paranormal Investigations and Ghost Hunting Software is simple and easy to use and provide you with "Step By Step Video Tutorial" so any user can quickly be up and running in a matter of minutes.

One of the most important parts to any investigation, be it paranormal or otherwise is gather as much information as possible prior to investigating the actual scene.

Here’s where you report all the information the investigators gather though personal interviews of anyone having knowledge of primary location.

Information involving a specific location, personal experience, sighting or historic background knowledge etc… can all be entered here as well as personal contact information pertaining to each witness for later contact if more information is ever needed.

The Witness Statement Reports allow users to analyze and compare vital information which will assist in determining and analyzing similarity to other reports.

The information gathered here will also give you a fair idea of what you’ll be looking for as far a the paranormal but also possible non-paranormal explanation as to a probable cause as well as aid in pre investigation, equipment set-up.

Bottom Line… This section can handle all the information you can gather !

the PLAN allows, that each time a team investigator has any sort of personal experience or sensation, for example:

(During the investigation the investigator should makes note of all sensation, location and time.) That information would then be enter here and become an official exhibit of possible paranormal evidence that would also be included in the final report..

Physical Evidence and Possible Explanations Case Management This is where all the ghost activity and paranormal evidence collected during the live investigation comes together.

Investigation Summation and Conclusions Case Management After the investigation has been completed and all the evidence reviewed here is where you present your findings and place your final comments.

Here is where you would make any recommendation to the property owner or reporting party.

This is where your expertise comes in as you will advise your clients what steps they need to take…