14 Mindsets (9 Habits) – Welcome

It has been an honor working with so many talented and hardworking athletes. I am certain big things are coming for each and every single one of them. I am absolutely thrilled and ecstatic for whats to come with the advancements we have been making in the athletic training industry lately.

 In my sophomore year, I expressed interest in playing college basketball, and he immediately stepped up to help me in the best way he could. He found a pre-collegiate AAU team for me to play on and spent countless hours with me in the gym developing my skill set. By my senior year, I had several offers to play at programs all over the country. Daniel has been elemental in shaping me into the athlete, basketball player, and person I am today.

Daniel and the boys know what there doing, that is really all I have to say. They’ve brought some game changing concepts and ideas to the game. 

I have known the boys for years now and they have been kind of like older brother figures to me, learned a lot about mindset and philosophy with them as well as had so many epic training sessions.