ATTENTION High School Point Guards

To: Serious Point Guards and Shooting Guards Ages 14- 18 Who Want To Become All-Conference, All-state, or All-American

If you think that because you have great handles you can run the show at the high school or college level…

The players who get the most attentionare the best athletes: the quickest, fastest, most explosive players DOMINATE today’s fast-paced, physical game.

If you talk to your dad or your coach they’ll tell you that back when they played the game of high school basketball was different. It was played at a much slower pace; less bumping and pushing, more passing and shooting, and a whole lot less SPEED. 20 years ago you could dominate a game if you were skilled.

Back then if you “worked out” a couple times a week and played pick-up you had a chance to play college sports. But today’s game is VASTLY different from the one your coach or dad most likely played. Today’s game is completely different because of one thing: ATHLETICISM!

Today’s high school and college athletes are so strong, so fast, and so quick that any average athlete will simply be left on the bench. Compare the pictures of a college basketball player from 1985 and 2012. It’s like night and day. You can’t compete in today’s game of high school basketball unless you train like the elite high school players train. How do they train?

About 4 years ago I had a young point guard come to me. Despite being just a sophomore in high school he realized that he was going to have to be more than just skilled to play at the division 1 college level. Rather than sit on his butt and hope for the best because he could dribble, pass, and shoot, he made sure he was going to realize his dream by seizing the opportunity to train properly with a basketball performance coach.

From day 1 when I first met him you could tell this kid wanted it more than most kids his age. You see a lot of kids talk about how they’re working out, or training, but really what they’re doing are a few exercises that their dad or coach showed them from what he did back when he was in high school or college. While that is better than doing nothing, this kid wanted more. He KNEW that the difference between getting recruited over another kid was not simply how he could handle the ball, but rather how he athletically dominated a game.

Rather than wasting his time with an old-school lifting program, he knew that he needed a cutting-edge training program designed specifically for guards who need to: get more explosive, improve first-step acceleration, and improve lateral quickness. He didn’t want to just be good…he wanted to be the best. He would train routintely 3-4 times per week during the off-season and 1-2 times per week in-season. When most kids would go to the gym to play pick-up, he was in the weight room with me training. He realized that what he was doing in the weight room was going to serparate himself from the kids he was competing against. It’s not that this athlete wouldn’t play basketball – that’s completely false.

BUT, what is completely true is he would put off his on-court training until he was done training off-court. That’s why he is going to be living out his dream next year. He was willing to do what most other kids his age AREN’T going to do….TRAIN. What was the best part about all of this?

The kid didn’t make 1 excuse about why he couldn’t or shouldn’t be training. I hear from people all of the time that they don’t have the money…

But the reality is this: you can earn/find the money if you really want it. How many times have you bought new basketball shoes in the past year or two? I don’t know too many shoes that cost under $80?! Will those basketball shoes make you quicker? Stronger? Faster? Think you don’t have the time?

This kid used to get up at 5 o’clock in the morning during the school year to train on his own at the local YMCA (with the UnGuardable training program). He could have easily slept in or blown off his own alarm, but he didn’t. And because he continued to train regularly throughout his high school career he continued to elevate his game. He started as a sophomore at point guard, named all-conference, won a state championship, and was even named the state’s Mr. Basketball.

To follow that up, this past season he was the starting point guard for the National Champions in prep basketball; the #1 prep team in the country! He recently accepted a full-ride scholarship to a division 1 team who competed in March Madness!

What’s the best part of the story? Despite all of that success (all-conference awards, state champsionships, Mr. Basketball, National Prep Champsionship, Division 1 scholarship) he continues to train. This kid is so successful because realizes that while you must enjoy your success you can’t ever be completely satifisfied. You must continue to do what MOST normal players won’t do but what the BEST players are doing.

It has been my life-long mission to help point guards and shooting guards get every edge they possibly can so that they can pursue their own basketball dreams.

I’ve been blessed to have helped hundreds of basketball players just like you develop into the player they’ve dreamed of.

I’ve seen immediate results in strength, speed, jumping and much more. No other program has had these types of results!”

If you’ve only been doing ball handling…