Experience God! Receive God’s Presence by Repentance with Joy!

Pete gave s a great testimony about God’s presence 24/7. It is above — in case you missed it. 🙂

This site shows HOW TO repent by training your heart to joyfully trade earthly dependencies for receiving God’s presence intensely by His grace. The principles you find here are effective for idolatry of the heart and unwanted behaviors! It is intended as a practical way for you to experience the deeper Christian life.

Repentance is more than just what you do after you do something wrong. Repentance is a biblical practicean activity that describes something you can do for great personal growth and change.

In biblical terms, repentance means to change your mind about sin and about God. More simply stated "repentance with joy" means to change how you think and to feel joy because of it. The word repentance is used most of the time where we are to change our mind after sin. But in my search I saw this verse: "…If you return to the Lord with all your heart, remove the foreign gods…from among you and direct your hearts to the Lord…He will deliver you…" (1 Sam. 7:3). To me, "directing our heart toward God," sounds like a repentance where we "change our mind" about sin and about God, BEFORE we do something wrong.

So on this website and in my books, I use the word "repentance" in a broad sense rather than the strict definition. I do that because repentance is the word that most accurately describes what you get when you try to fit everything together that the Bible says about growth toward God. It is in that sense that I am saying we should repent.

The way I see it, we are to repent so as to remove the obstacles that keep us from abiding in Christ. Doing this, involves getting our heart to hear the truth of the scriptures so that God can use His word to change us from the inside out. Much with us has to change but thinking about repentance this way makes actually doing it realistic.

Deep level change isn’t going to happen just because you know something in your head. Being effective at "changing your mind" requires taking steps to train your heart that it is right, good, and safe to turn and draw near to God. You have to take steps to calm your fears and build your faith. You have to become a teacher and your own heart has to become your student. By this, you can change from the inside out.

Mostly, this site is for Christians who want to experience God’s presence more fully and intensely. It is for Christians who want to "abide in Christ" in a deeper way. But it is not just for Christians because the information here is practical for those who want freedom from unwanted behaviors. These principles are effective and work well.

Repentance should be as important a practice to your Christian life as prayer or reading the Bible. It can help you just as much.

The benefits of repentance are many. The Bible says, "…repent and return, so that your sins may be wiped away, in order that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord" (Acts 3:19).

The benefits of repentance are that you find freedom from unwanted and sinful behaviors, damaging pursuits, harmful reactions, long term addictions, co-dependence. You even find freedom from subtle sins of the heart. But that isn’t all.

You also experience a "refreshing" from the "presence of the Lord." By repenting so as to experience God’s presence, your single-hearted love and devotion toward God will increase greatly. Abiding in Christ becomes realistic. The deeper Christian life becomes practical. This site shows you how.

When I talk about repentance it is always a repentance that is toward abiding in Christ. By "abiding" I believe the Bible means we are to stay inside the presence of God. Christians have Christ inside them but we are also told to "abide in Him." I think this means we are to stay inside the radiant presence of Christ — 24 hours-a-day. By this we "…walk in the Light as He Himself is in the Light…" (1John 1:7).

To me, abiding in the presence of God is the same thing as abiding in the presence of the kingdom of God.

We abide in Christ by repentance that removes obstacles so we can draw near to God, learn to stay there, and learn to let Him draw near and stay near to us. Understanding your thirsty desires for God and how to repent makes abiding in Christ realistic for anyone. Everything that I write is toward this end.

On this website and in the ebooks I use the words "drinking from God" to also mean "feeding" on Him. To me drinking from God is the same thing as receiving His presence or letting God draw near to us.

Learning to drink from God is important because without learning to actually receive His presence we can’t abide in Christ. It is by learning to keep on drinking like a branch on a tree that we abide inside the presence of God all the time. Doing this is realistic for you.

On this website and in the ebooks I explain how we drink from earthly things and how you can reapply those same principles to God. I explain these things in practical ways so that you can do them.

We keep doing what we don’t want to do because of the "benefits" we gain from the behavior. Even though the behavior may hurt us greatly, it reassures us, makes us feel strong, or secure in some way.

Repentance lets you trade earthly dependencies for God’s presence! The reason you can change is because of God’s abundant grace to draw near to you!

When God’s presence pours through you, your longings are filled more deeply and more pleasurably than anything…