Learn Stage Hypnosis – The Art of Stage Hypnosis

Stage Hypnosis is something that can be learned and used by anyone. I should know, I’ve been doing it successfully for more than ten years.

However, you may be where I was in the early days, trying to figure out the big secret, faced with absolute bulls**t from money-grabbing hypnosis trainers, and keen to just ‘make it happen’ and start having fun.

If you take just a few minutes to read this page, all of the magic you’ve seen in Stage Hypnosis shows can become real, and YOU will know exactly what it takes to hypnotize people quickly and easily, I guarantee it!

I remember watching a stage hypnotist as a kid and thinking "I wish I knew how to do that." The obsession strengthened over time, and as an adult, I decided to learn.

When I talk about hypnosis, I actually do mean putting people under in a matter of seconds, and being able to rapidly hypnotize many people quickly on stage, at home, on the street, at a party – anywhere, anytime.

And I absolutely do mean making people cluck like chickens, think they’re the star of a singing contest, forget their own names, and so on.

So I started hunting high and low to find people who could teach me stage hypnosis. I encountered MANY promises, but most came to nothing. I spent a fortune on books, workshops, audio, DVDs, and other training, and still – nothing.

Of course there are many gifted trainers out there, but most of them were teaching hypnosis for the purpose of hypnotherapy, or as an application of NLP.

I wanted to know how to take complete control of a volunteers mind, and have them do and believe whatever I told them to.

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I struggled for a very long time to find the answers, and on my journey, I somehow ended up working in hypnotherapy, helping people with their problems.

I knew many hypnotherapists, and I knew that none of them could hypnotize people to the depths required to have them believe and do whatever they said.

I felt like there was some sort of Secret Stage Hypnotists Society that just didn’t want to share; and every person, workshop, group, course or book that promised to teach me, left me feeling ripped off, deflated, and let down.

I had a ‘chance’ meeting with a leading UK TV hypnotist, who gave me some invaluable advice, which helped me put all of the pieces together.

I took the advice, and put it together with everything I’d learned and practiced through my struggle to learn REAL hypnosis.

I asked some of the people that worked in my building, if anyone would be willing to volunteer. After a few moments of silence, a young guy named Scott stepped up and said he’d give it a go.

I took Scott into my office, gave him a few words of introduction as to what we were about to do, and I proceeded to carry out the hand-lock test.

(I should mention, I was completely winging it! I figured that if I did what I was supposed to do, said what I was supposed to say, and did it with absolute belief and conviction, then it would have a better chance of working.)

To my absolute amazement, Scott couldn’t part his hands. They were stuck together, and he simply couldn’t separate them.

Using the massive burst of confidence this gave me, I proceeded to carry out a RAPID hypnotic induction, lasting in total around two minutes, including a few words to strengthen the trance.

The best part – he wasn’t just playing along – Scott had genuinely forgotten his name. He was completely confused – and I was jumping for joy.

This, to me, is REAL hypnosis, where the volunteer absolutely BELIEVES whatever you tell them to, and does, whatever you tell them to.

I began hypnotizing everyone and anyone who would let me. I had my friends, family and colleagues; barking at pedestrians, forgetting their names, believing they were famous singers, dancers, actors, and celebrities, and all the rest.

I went on to perform local shows, leading to pubs and clubs, and finally theatres. I began flying around the world to corporate retreats, making lots of money, making lots of new friends and performing lots of shows, and I loved every minute of it.

As long as you know what to say, how to say it, what to do, and how to do it, with the knowledge of why and how it works, then you can make it happen.

Like driving a car, Stage Hypnosis is VERY learnable. Anyone can do it. It just takes the right knowledge followed by the right actions.

It took me years to figure out how to hypnotize people, but it won’t be like that for you. In fact, if you’re ready to learn, then I’m ready to teach you. I’ve racked up over 1000 shows, and learned the hard way. And now…

Other stage hypnotists simply don’t want you to know how to do it. They don’t want the competition. There aren’t many decent hypnotists left working the local scenes, and these people want to keep their positions.

As for the big guys, the so-called industry leaders, guru’s and high level trainers, well, go to them if you will – but expect to pay a fortune for it, and never expect to get it all in one go, there’s always a masterclass or higher level upsell.

Stage hypnosis is simple. Many would have you believe it’s difficult and that you MUST attend their 7 day training (etc.) to learn, but don’t believe the hype.

Anyway, it’s been a crazy ride for me. I’ve learned a great deal, came up against many challenges (legal challenges, media challenges, trouble finding the right information, and more), and I’ve experienced some CRAZY…