Silva UltraMind ESP System Complete Home Seminar

Make the Rest of Your Life The Best of Your Life! This is what Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System is all about and this is what more than a million graduates have experienced, changing their lives for better and getting results that could sound impossible. Now, for the very first time ever, you can experience what actually goes on in a live UltraMind ESP Seminar. And you can experience this today!

Meet the Founder of the UltraMind ESP Seminar Jose Silva began his research into the mind and human potential in 1944, and began teaching courses based on his research findings in 1966. His first course, the Silva Mind Control Method was taught to over a million people worldwide and his books sold over 10 million copies. He continued to conduct research to find a reliable way to communicate with and obtain guidance from higher intelligence. He finally found the answer in 1997 with different techniques and concepts. The Silva UltraMind ESP System is the culmination of Jose Silva’s 55 years of research and experience in the field.

Experience the benefits of the Silva UltraMind ESP Seminar The Silva UltraMind ESP System is a modern method of Dynamic Meditation, to help you feel better, healthier and with peace of mind. And it’s also a proven way to develop your God given senses to improve conditions, project solutions, experience abundance in every area of your life, make the right decisions and enjoy a happier life.

Q: I have other UltraMind Home Study Course from Nightingale Conant. Which are the differences with this one? A: The one offered by Nightingale, is the Basic UltraMind Study Course. This New Program covers all the sessions, lectures and conditionings as presented at the live Silva UltraMind ESP Seminar (not just part of it). Q: I’m an Silva UltraMind Graduate. Will this Seminar Help Me? Q: Yes! This will be a great review, with much more detail and far more ideas than you had time for in just one class. It is also an excellent way to share the benefits of Jose Silva’s UltraMind ESP System with your loved ones. Q: Which are the Differences with the classic Silva Method? A: While the Silva Method is really great, this program is the culmination of Jose Silva 55 years of scientific research and is the proven technology that helps humanity to transcend genius intelligence and move into the second phase of human development on this planet. Q: Are there any prerequisites before taking the UltraMind Seminar? A: The only prerequisite is that you want to develop your natural God-given intuition and use it to detect information and solve problems. Q: Will I Get Support In Case I Need It? A: Yes, of course. We’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and to assist you whenever you require it. We also offer mentoring via Skype and phone. You’ll also get access to lot of material available for graduates, and more.

You too can start transforming your life for better after completing the UltraMind ESP System. And Now, for the first time you can bring the complete seminar to your home and share it with your loved ones. Develop and use your God-given intuition now! Develop your Intuition and Make the Correct Decisions. Use Your Mind to Detect Information to Improve Any Area of Your Life. Feel Better and Guided. Live a life that’s Prosperous, Fulfilled, and Happy. Enjoy a Better Life. Make a Better World!

Feel Better, Guided, and in Harmony with Everything. Stress can harm your health, ruin relationships, and impede your ability to achieve your mission in life. When stress builds into distress, it can kill you. By learning to use the Silva Dynamic Meditation System, you’ll be able to reduce stress automatically, feeling better, guided and in union with everything. Feel centered and develop a positive attitude. Make the Correct Decisions. Experience Positive "Coincidences." Better Decisions = A Better Life. Bad decisions lead to disappointment, unhappiness, suffering, failure. Good decisions bring you success, happiness, respect, fulfillment, love. What’s the secret to making better decisions? It is this: The more information you have, the easier it is to make the correct decision. With the UM ESP Seminar, you’ll learn how to use your mind – your natural God-given intuition – to detect additional information to help you make better decisions concerning health, relationships, business, and everything else in your life. Gain More Control Over Your Life. Enjoy a Better Life! Learn How to Experience Abundance in Every Area of your life. This is simple: If we’re not experiencing abundance in every area of your life, something inside of us is blocking it. Learn how to remove impediments to success and how to gain more control over your life with proven techniques. Learn How to Project the things You want for Your Life and How to Make the Law of Attraction Work For You! Use Your Senses to Project Solutions and Improve Conditions. We’re here to solve problems and to improve conditions. With the UM ESP Seminar, You’ll Learn How to Communicate in an effective way to solve problems and improve conditions, using your subjective senses. You’ll also learn how use your subjective senses to help others physically or mentally. After completing the whole seminar, you’ll be able to positively influence others from a distance, in minutes. Enjoy The Benefits of ESP In Your Daily Life!

Detecting information using the subjective senses may sound impossible for you right now, but it’s a reality for Silva Graduates. Now you can learn how to get the same results: – Project Your Mind to Any Place in the World to Detect Information. – Read People Like a Book and Know if Someone’s Telling the Truth. – Perform Remote Viewing In Minutes. – Positively Influence Others At The Distance. Help Your Loved Ones. – Make all Your Relationships More Fulfilling and Meaningful. – Establish Instant Rapport With Anyone You Meet. – Attract Wealth and Prosperity Into Your Life! – Experience Positive Coincidences Each and Every…