The Ultimate Realistic Self-Defense Course For Women

The Ultimate Realistic Self-Defense Course For WomenWe will be in touch by email Space per class is limited, but we want to help those motives clients reach their goals.

This intense self-defense course has been created exclusively for women interested in learning how to avoid altercations, and if need be, use physical self-defense techniques to stop attackers in their tracks.

Our team has been teaching this proven course at live seminars for 20+ years. Now, we’re excited to be empowering women all over the world with the ability to take their own protection into their own hands.

With the right knowledge and “street” skills, you will finally feel safer, more confident, and more empowered to live your life – stress-free.

Even if you have absolutely no background in self-defense of martial arts, this course is perfect for women of all ages looking to expand their self-defense knowledge.

Learn simple yet tough techniques that CAN and WILL overpower anyone who attempts to catch you off guard.

But – don’t take our word for it. Check out our REAL TESTIMONIALS from REAL WOMEN whose lives were changed through our seminars. 

It was just a normal morning, another jog through the peaceful surrounds of the Golden Gardens park.

Stopping to use the public washroom, she bent down to wash her hands and felt someone approach from behind…

It was the cold touch of 40 year old Gary Steiner, a known sexual predator who had been waiting in the bathroom stall.

And she didn’t just fight, she fought valiantly, screaming ”Not today, M**F**er!”” and clawing at his face without mercy.

Until after just a few minutes of struggle Kelly had managed to lock her opponent in the bathroom stall, and sat waiting victorious for the police to show up and take his sorry ass back to prison.

Sadly, this tale is not ordinary – and statistics show that 43 per cent of women have been harassed on a run, and across America every two minutes a woman is raped.

Just days before the incident, Kelly had attended a self-defense class, and she credits this with her victory over a stronger, more powerful man.

Kelly is just one of many woman who have empowered themselves through self-defense, enabling her to go on with her life with a feeling of security and personal power.

Sure, Kelly had a gash on her eyebrow, and bruises all over her body, but the rapist didn’t look too good either – A police mugshot of the defendant showed him with a reddened and swollen face with a large bandage over his right eye.

With just a tiny bit of training, Kelly was able to successfully defend herself, and tis just goes to show that something is better than nothing.

I attended the Empower Mom free intro to Self Defense class on Sunday 5/21. It was awesome! It was my first time as such an activity and I was hesitant at first. The staff was super friendly and quickly set me at ease. I had a great time and would love to return with my family for more classes. ~Danira

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Marc and his team are simply the best. Every session is fun, informative, and full of positive energy. I appreciate Marc’s openness and generosity, he is a wonderful community health and wellness partner. I can’t wait to brainstorm more ways to bring his unique services to more people!!! A huge thank you for all that you and your team do!!! 

"First, I am a Domestic Violence Survivor (DV). I was in fear for my life because of the many times that I was physically beaten to a pulp by my ex. Yes, I have a restraining order, but let’s face it, it’s only good if the police can catch him and what are you supposed to do with a piece of paper anyways? Wave it at him? By that time, I could be beaten again or worse- dead!

I contacted Sensei Marc in April ’16 due to my ex not giving up and letting me go (26 yrs worth of not giving up to be exact).

I was not (and am not) looking to become a vigilante, but needed to know how to defend myself should an altercation occur. I just wanted to be myself again, have friends (without fearing the repercussions) and enjoy life and all its normal ups & downs- I wanted to live again. 

Sensei Marc had no idea the extent of the physical and emotional damage that I had been subjected to (and some that still lingers). He has been kind, patient and accommodating to my needs as a DV Survivor (with issues).

I have had opportunities to meet and work with other Instructors and students at his Dojo and have been accepted with open arms. To be respected and accepted where you are in life and not judged is of utmost importance to a Survivor.

The techniques in his training are not difficult and are based on movements that you make in your everyday activities. Throughout my training, I have also watched myself grow mentally and emotionally. I have regained my self-confidence and no longer just exist, but truly live life now. 

Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense has highly skilled Instructors who are truly invested in each and every student’s goals and success. While I am definitely not as skilled as my Sensei, I feel confident in the training I have received that I could handle a confrontation with my ex should another one occur.

If you are looking for an awesome place to learn self-defense, please check out Bochner’s Realistic Self-Defense. You won’t be disappointed!" 

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