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We Are Live CB - Torah OnlineFrom the Desk of: Rabbi Boruch Rappaport RE: The “secret” to a deeper and more accurate understanding of the Torah.

If you are passionate about understanding G-d’s word in the Torah (Chumash) then I have great news for you.

I share your quest for greater Torah knowledge. In fact, though I grew up with a limited Torah background in the United States, I moved to Israel as a young man and have dedicated the last 37 years of my life learning and teaching the various Jewish sources in their original Hebrew and Aramaic.

The “secret” will help YOU see the true beauty and depth of G-d’s written word in a way that you probably never have before.

It will help you to unlock the mysteries of the Torah, understand things you have never understood, and avoid making mistakes in your studies.

I highly appreciate the quality of your first sample lesson. Even if my knowledge of Hebrew does not always allow me to understand all your explanations at once I find it easy to listen once again and look for supplementary explanation as you have well advised beginners to do. It’s really a great opportunity to understand and learn the Chumash and to widen my horizon in Bible interpretation. G-d bless you in all your endeavors!

The way to improve your understanding of the Torah is simple: just get yourself a teacher who knows the various Biblical texts better than you.

What if you could get a teacher who was a super-genius… who knew the Biblical texts backwards and forwards in the original Hebrew… who was an expert in Hebrew grammar… who spent his whole life studying the Jewish sources… and who had spent endless hours debating the Torah’s meaning with other people of his stature?

The amazing teachers that I had are none other than the Jewish Torah masters from throughout the generations. They reached amazing heights in the Torah scholarship and passed their brilliant insights on to the rest of us via their writings.

What I appreciate most about your lessons is the time and care you invest to explain and share your insights in the passages of the Torah we’ve covered so far. It’s illuminating.

Until now, learning from the Jewish Torah masters required an intimate knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic. Plus, one needed to be able to understand the masters’ style and approach and have a great breadth of knowledge to understand their subtle references.

It has been a catch-22. In order to understand the Torah masters you actually have to be a bit of Torah master yourself!

That is why I have taken upon myself to create a solution that makes the great works of the Torah masters available to everyone, even people just starting off in their Torah studies.

Based on my decades of learning and teaching Torah, I have devised a new system that will allow you to “watch over my shoulder” as I analyze and explain the original Hebrew texts of the Torah. As I bring in the thoughts of the Torah masters, your eyes will be opened to understandings you never had before.

But more importantly, you will discover what the great masters’ were thinking and how to delve into their reasoning. You will learn the tricks and tools that make their words accessible.

As you acquire the insights of the Jewish Torah masters, you yourself will begin to learn Torah the way it is supposed to be learned, and the way it has been learned by Jews from generation to generation.

When I entered Kollel Boston, I entered as a relative newbie. In particular, I had no experience learning Mishna Brura. In the four years that I learned under Rabbi Rappaport’s tutelage in the afternoon seder, it seemed to me that I was making progress. But the proof came when I made a Bar Mitzva for my son. I realized that I had the pleasant but frightening burden of teaching my son the Halachot of Tefillin. I was worried that I myself didn’t know even how to learn, not to mention how to teach. But when I sat down with my son the first time, I naturally pulled out a Mishna Brura, opened it to chapter 25, and I found that I could learn the material naturally even though I had never actually seen it before.

My teaching method is so simple you will wonder why everyone doesn’t teach this way. You will:

Read and write Modern Hebrew script like Israelis do! This mini-course makes it fast and easy to learn.

The truth is, it is almost impossible to find a course at this level online. Normally you would have to attend a Yeshiva (a Jewish seminary) or find a Rabbi to tutor you. Besides the huge expense involved, those options are impractical for many busy adults.

With so little competition, I could and maybe should charge a premium price for an opportunity like this.

And keep in mind: I am offering something that is priceless: a better understanding of G-d’s word.

My colleagues, who teach Torah courses themselves, told me that $150/month would be a fair price for such a course, from the standpoint of what it would cost for a private tutor, and that this is not exactly private, etc, etc.

As part of this introductory offer, when you sign up today you will get the free bonus above worth $27 and get access to our course for just…

That’s right, there is a One Dollar Trial for 14 days and then it will cost just $27/month should you continue.

If you change your mind for any reason (or no reason) in the first 60 days, just tell us and you will get every cent of your money back.

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