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Congratulations. You have just completed the first step of accepting that you need to do something different. The Healthy Happy Club’s – 6 Week Yoga Guide will show you how with a little bit of ‘you time’ each week and a little bit of ‘focus’, being happy with yourself, getting fitter and losing weight sensibly is possible for those who are willing to make a commitment to change.

FACT: most people fail when they are so close to success. All it takes is saying to yourself, right now, right here, enough is enough – I am fed up with being unhappy with how I look and I am going to do something about it. The mistake many people make is trying to run before they can walk. This course is not about losing half your body weight in a week, it is not about some new ‘secret’ drink that will reduce your body fat. If you are looking for some crazy ‘fad’ or new ‘diet’ from outer space, then I am sorry you need to look elsewhere, as this YOGA course is not for you.

What this course does deliver, is a means to finally take control, take control and do something for you, make a small change to your weekly routine, simply by adding in 3 sessions a week of 30 minutes each (even more would be better), to learn the basics of YOGA, start eating more healthier and finally make a difference for YOU!

FACT: If you are unhappy, then you need to make the change! Don’t wait any longer, do it, do it now and make the change with The Healthy Happy Club’s – 6 Week Yoga Guide and don’t look back.

You’ll love the fact that The Healthy Happy Club’s – 6 Week Yoga Guide finally allows you to make a start, even if you’re a complete newbie.

Discover how to work towards being a healthier and happier new YOU! – with our 6 week guided plan and HD videos.

Isn’t it time you finally got on the path to losing weight – without the pain that comes with having to go to a gym or join a club, start being happy, healthy and a little wealthier and save money with this superb offer.

Not only do you get a 6 week step-by-step visual Yoga course, but you also get 70 (yes 70) YOGA pose HD narrated videos. A selection of the videos are referenced in the course guide, but the majority allow you to push yourself to the next level should you wish.

This is a complete game changer for the YOGA newbie! Take your time and learn the POSE(s) correctly.

If the 70 instructional videos were not enough, you also get an additional 50 POSE videos (*** these are more advanced poses, please do not attempt if at all unsure), while not narrated they will show you a selection of YOGA poses for you to practice and work towards. Some a little more difficult than others!

The Healthy Happy Club is extremely pleased to be able to offer each and every one of our customers a copy of the highly acclaimed YOGA Fire book, this is an excellent book to further your reading and understanding of YOGA.

Widely seen as one of the definitive beginners’ books on YOGA, The Healthy Happy Club, are also pleased to include this great guide as a superb bonus for our club members. Again, further reading to help you on your journey to being a healthy happier new YOU!

Another must read intro book on YOGA, The Healthy Happy Club, are extremely pleased to include this great guide as another incredible value-added bonus for our customers.

We wouldn’t expect our club members to start on this incredible journey to a healthy happier new life without giving you the support and guidance on what to eat. This superb guide does just that, simple basic advice on what to eat to support this fitter, healthier new YOU! ****Please note that this item is supplied (as with all content in this offer) in digital format only and that the image(s) shown are for the purpose of visualization only