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Clickbank Sales Page - Ancient School of YogaCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEThese questions are common to anyone willing to learn the oldest science of well-being, peace, health and self-awareness on the planet, and if your answer is “Yes” to any of them, you definitely need the Ancient School of Yoga.™

Because it is possible to take your practice from any level you are, in any condition, to a much deeper and higher level, and it does not imply doing almost impossible postures. It doesn’t even imply that you have to do the physical postures.

All you need is knowledge. There is a level on a Yoga practice that changes your life, which you can do all the time, when you know how to apply this knowledge to the life experience you already have. Once you do it, Yoga becomes a natural expression of your soul, and everything you do, is Yoga.

"This is why I’ve created the Ancient School of Yoga™, which is an Online workshop where I brought together seventeen years of my personal practice, and spent two years perfecting and teaching in more than ten countries."

These presentations will motivate you to practice Yoga forever. I am going to awake you to the true possibilities of what you can reach, and I know that you won´t find this information in any teacher training or course, because it’s my own expression of what I’ve learned with my teachers in the Himalayas.

The course is designed to bring complex philosophical concepts to a very personal level, in a way that is easy to understand, and you will never forget. What I am going to teach you, will make you finish your practice feeling young, connected, confident, strong, positive, and ready for more.

The course is delivered in four video-classes of three sessions each, plus the eBooks and Audiobooks for each session. By the time we are finished, you will know exactly all you need to be a great yogi, a happy person, and succeed in the most important journey of your life.

You will learn about the life and work of the most important masters, and how the main scriptures on Yoga came to be. From the first yogi directly to you, you will understand how the evolution of humankind and the Science of Yoga are interconnected, and how this is directly related to you and me today.

The life and teachings of Sri Krishna, the master who established the first three paths of Yoga. What are they? How to integrate them in daily life? In this class you will learn, to never forget, the heart and soul of the most influential and beautiful Yoga texts of all times. The Bhagavad Gita.

A closer look at the life and work of Master Patanjali, who created the eight branches of Raja Yoga. What are they, exactly? Here we get more technical, exploring the core of Yoga philosophy, and how to integrate this timeless wisdom in the physical postures and everything else we do.

This is the Path of Integration or Hatha Yoga, where you will learn the actual practices to bring infinite light to every cell of your body. You will know the functions of your subtle bodies, the obstacles on the way, and  how to use prana to improve your health and be a positive influence on others and the entire planet.

More important than the information you will receive, is the way it is given and its practical application. These classes are not a repetition of dry knowledge, but they are filled by personal insights, stories and life experience, to inspire you to have your own insights.

You will receive thirteen (13) Audiobooks in MP3 format, one from each session. You will learn with all your senses if you just listen, and let the words, the insights, and the images in your mind guide and inspire you in your Yoga journey.

The complete collection of thirteen (13) eBooks with pictures from each session, edited and revised, in PDF format. They are easy to read, and will help you to remember and understand the smallest details of the art and science of being conscious.

Every element in this workshop was carefully designed to create a transformation in the way you relate with yourself, with Creation, with the Yoga Masters, and with your Yoga practice.

Register today before the gate is closed and the course is gone. The best time to improve yourself is always the present moment, and become the Light you want to see in the world.

Very greateful of having received this teachings in such a complete, effective and original way, as near as possible to the true Yoga way. I will continue working to keep up with the high level you made me reach with your generosity, wisdom and love for us all.

My friend and brother Bira, thank you for rekindling the sacred fire again. I feel incredibly good after your amazing workshop and recommend anyone to get in touch with this fun, effective and easy way of Hatha Yoga.

There are really no words to describe how I am feeling after this past weekend, after attending such an amazing Hatha Yoga workshop with Ubiratan Gonzaga. My eyes, heart and soul have been opened  and awakened to my future life as a yogini.

Thank you Bira for a a very inspirational day yesterday! I feel I’m a different person after the Yoga workshop!

The Ancient School of Yoga is for you, if you are a complete beginner and don’t know how to start or where to go.

The Ancient School of Yoga is for you, if you know that your practice can give you much more than what is giving you at the moment.

The Ancient School of Yoga is for you, if your practice is going well, and you want to go deeper in what is already working.

The Ancient School of Yoga is for you, if you are a Yoga teacher or an experienced yogi, who is willing… Read more…