Daymond on Demand: Daymond John Teaches You How to Successfully Grow Your Business

The fundamentals of business are the foundation on which a successful business is built. In this course, Daymond shares what you need to know to lay your business foundation.

Validating your product, service or idea is a major step in bringing it to market and getting it out there. In this course, you’ll learn the steps you need to take in the validation process.

It’s your product … your service … your idea, and you want to keep it safe. In this course, you’ll learn how to protect what’s yours.

Knowing your industry is an important part of planning your business and planning for its future. In this course, you’ll learn how to break down the industry you want to compete in.

A target market analysis helps you identify “who” your customers are, “where” they are located, and “why” they buy what they buy. In this course, Daymond goes over what you need to focus on to understand who your target market is and what they really want.

Your business could be out of business before you know it if you don’t understand your competition. In this course, Daymond shows you how to break down your competitors to help differentiate yourself and identify possible opportunities.

From understanding your analytics and crafting your message, to finding the perfect mediums to advertise in, the marketing plan is all about reaching your customers. In this course, you’ll explore a variety of marketing opportunities to help get your message out.

The Sales Plan is the life line of your business. Sales cure all and in this course, you’ll see what it takes to get your product or service into the hands of your customers.

If you’re not planning for growth, you’re dying. In this course, you’ll learn what it takes to keep your business growing.

The business plan is the difference between having an idea and having a company. In this course, you’ll learn why you need a business plan and what must be included in your plan for it to get attention.

Whether you’re looking for funds to help start your business or keep it running, there are various sources of money out there. In this course, youll learn about several of these sources and the pros and cons of each to help identity the right ones for your business.

You get in an elevator with Daymond and the doors close. You have 60 seconds to pitch him on your product or service. Do you have what it takes to peak his interest?

In order to establish business credit, you must first have a business. In this course, you’ll learn the proper way to set up your business and how to start building credit.

QUESTION: What is Daymond on Demand? ANSWER: Designed to be engaging and mirror real-world business experiences, Daymond on Demand is the only online training that will show you how to start, build and scale your business from the ground up. Daymond on Demand was created as a step-by-step guide to help you succeed in YOUR business. QUESTION: What will Daymond on Demand do for me? ANSWER: If you truly take in everything Daymond on Demand has to offer, you will learn how to validate your product or service, how to protect your business, identify your target market and so much more. With 50+ chapters, there is a TON of value in Daymond on Demand. QUESTION: How long will it take to get access? ANSWER: You will receive access immediately. Your login and access information will be sent to the email address you provide within a few minutes of purchase. QUESTION: How do I access the training system? ANSWER: You can access Daymond on Demand anytime on any web-enabled desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile device to match your on-the-go lifestyle. QUESTION: How hard are the exams? ANSWER: The exams will challenge your knowledge, but if you actively participate and pay attention to the training, you will have no problem passing the exams.

QUESTION: What makes this different from other training systems? ANSWER: Daymond John, your guide and mentor inside the training program, has over 20+ years of experience helping entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level and maximize profits. LEARN AT YOUR PACE: Repeat and review key courses and exercises so you truly understand and grasp the concepts. INTERACTIVE LESSONS: Daymond John serves as your personal guide as you experience immersive virtual training modules. EASY TO USE INTERFACE: The web-based interactive training is designed to allow a fully immersive training experience and state-of-the-art accountability features. BUILT-IN ACCOUNTABILITY:State-of-the-art, integrated features track, measure and monitor progress with comprehensive reports and alert notifications sent directly to your email in real-time.

Daymond John is an entrepreneur in every sense of the word. He is not only a pioneer in the fashion industry, but a Shark on ABC’s Shark Tank, New York Times best-selling author, branding guru and highly sought after business consultant. Now, Daymond John is sharing the tips, lessons and secrets that helped him turn a $40 budget into FUBU, a $6 billion fashion game-changer. Within this 8+ hour curriculum, Daymond and his team will walk you through how to start, build and scale your business from the ground up. Take control of your success with Daymond on Demand, one of the most accessible and engaging educational platforms of its kind.

LEARN AT YOUR PACE Our platform allows you to navigate through the curriculum at your own pace. There are no deadlines or expiration dates!

TOOLS & RESOURCES In addition to 8+ hours of customized curriculum content, Daymond on Demand will provide you with supplemental tools and resources to help take your business to the next level and keep your head in the game.

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