Essential Keto Cookbook

I’m not sure if you’ve ever felt the same way, but I used to believe there was a "secret trick" to losing weight. One week, I would try some special "fat-burning" exercises, and then the next week, I’d try taking a weird new supplement.

I felt like I was trying so hard, and even worse, I thought my failure to shed pounds was due to my lack of mental determination.

I decided that I was going to respect and heal my body. I was going to stop looking for the "secret" tip or trick, and I was going to find a natural way to lose weight and feel great.

And – as it turns out – being slim and lean is part of our natural biology. You simply need to activate your body’s built-in mechanisms for burning fat. When I discovered how to do this, I was hooked…

…My excess fat (especially around my belly) quickly melted off. …I gained a ton more energy that I didn’t even realize was possible. …I was eating more delicious foods than ever before. …I didn’t suffer from constant hunger. …And my sugar cravings were gone.

Way back in the 1800s, a very insightful English doctor realized that the most effective way he could help people lose weight and fix various health problems was to get them to eat fewer sugars and refined carbohydrates.

Then, in America, other doctors discovered that a diet very low in carbohydrates reduced seizures in kids with epilepsy.

It took many years of research for scientists to understand why a Keto Diet worked so well, but they finally figured out that it was a fundamental aspect of human biology…

This is actually built into your biology. Your body can also burn sugar for energy, but most of the time, it should be relying on fat instead.

In our modern world of plentiful food – mostly processed junk foods high in sugar – we’ve completely disrupted our natural, biological systems.

A Keto diet works simply by reducing your sugar and carbohydrate intake and increasing your fat intake. When you do this, your body naturally switches instead to burning fat as energy.

Think about it…if you’re eating bread, pasta, and sugars for every meal every day, then your body “knows” that it’s going to have enough sugar to burn for energy. So your body keeps relying on that sugar.

On the other hand, if you go even just 3-4 days without much sugar or carbohydrates, then your body suddenly realizes that it MUST find another source of energy…

This isn’t a trick or a fad. It’s a return to how we ate before our daily lives became consumed with frappuccinos and granola bars to constantly prop up our blood sugar.

If you know anyone on a Keto diet, then you’ll have heard about some of these amazing benefits already.

But what most people don’t realize is that the scientific community has also been researching the diet for various treatment and prevention purposes.

In fact, when you start eating a healthy Keto diet, you’ll be returning your body back into the metabolically flexible mode it was designed to exist in.

And this is why the Keto diet is one of the fastest growing trends in the world right now…the results simply speak for themselves.

This includes whole foods like fish, healthy fats, eggs, meats, organ meats, green leafy vegetables, berries, nuts and seeds.

There are 3 Primary Principles that allow a Keto Diet (and the delicious recipes you’re about to discover) to work for your body:

First, by eating a Keto Diet, you naturally switch your body into the metabolic process called Nutritional Ketosis. This is where your body burns fat for fuel.

But the 2nd and 3rd Principles are just as important – and this is what most people get wrong on a Keto Diet.

Many so-called "experts" will tell you to just eat fewer carbs and more fat on Keto. But they forget about all the toxins and junk that can be "high fat" and/or "low carb."

And they don’t emphasize all the essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fiber that is required for the continued health of your body and mind.

Only when you put All 3 Principles into place in your Keto Diet will you see all the positive changes that you keep hearing from everyone else.

And so most people just learn one or two dishes and stick to those over and over until you’re so bored you end up quitting your diet.

It’s a beautiful, 200-page, full-color cookbook you can use on your computer, tablet or print and take with you anywhere.

Even if you don’t know anything about the Keto Diet, you can jump in today and get started immediately.

It’s all real food you’ll find in your local supermarket, including a variety of meat, vegetables and the occasional addition of nuts and seeds.

Most people think that a Keto Diet means giving up all your old favorites like bread, pasta, muffins, and granola.

But with the Essential Keto Cookbook, you’ll not only discover new favorites like Hearty Cauliflower and Leek soup, Bifteck Hache, and Beef Curry…

But also old favorites like Creamy Breakfast Porridge, Fiery Buffalo Wings, Mini Burgers, Jalapeño Corn Bread, Fish Tacos, Popcorn Shrimp, and tons more.

Plus we remove the guesswork and math out of Keto! All recipes come with nutritional data (including calories and net carbs). So you can spend more time enjoying your food and your life!

As a first-time purchaser of our Keto products, I’m going to add these 5 Keto guides to help take your body and health to the next level with ease.

And which restaurants are better to go to? These are just some of the answers we’ll provide in this guide.

And which restaurants are better to go to? These are just some of the answers we’ll provide in this guide.