Forex Master Method Evolution

And when I say just 6 steps, I mean everything from identifying the setup to putting the cash into your account.

The setups, signals, targets and exits are all crystal clear so you never need to second guess whether or not to enter a trade or when to exit it.

In a minute I will walk you through every step of trading this system and you will be amazed at how easily it makes money.

First, however, let me explain why the trading method you are currently using may not be producing the results you want.

If you feel like the money system is rigged and that it’s becoming nearly impossible to compete with big finance…

If it feels like the big hedge funds are controlling the markets and are always a step ahead of you, you are right.

Companies like Planet Labs, formed by three former NASA scientists, now claims to be able to monitor every inch of the globe every single day using mini-satellites called Doves. While there are many great humanitarian uses for this technology, and it is being used extensively to monitor troop and refugee movements it didn’t take long for big corporations to see more lucrative uses.

Hedge funds became their single biggest for-profit clients almost overnight. Being able to track global commerce in real time gives them a huge advantage in knowing what the markets are likely to do.

Being able to put eyes on any shipment of any goods, from tankers in the Med to grain in the Indian Ocean gives these traders a huge advantage: the ability to know what a government’s economy is going to do before it even happens.

I was determined to find a way around this and give us back control. To do so I had to go all the way back to 1941.

The quest for better intel into the markets has been going on for some time. And until now, some of the most effective means of controlling risk while still going after big gains was being kept top secret.

Way back in 1941, a Pentagon official developed a secret that allowed virtually anyone to read and trade the markets profitably. Richard Donchian developed something he called Donchian Channels during his years with the Pentagon as a statics officer and continued perfecting them after the war.

His discovery allowed him to go from second-generation carpet salesman to one of the most successful financial managers of his time.

He created the first Hedge Fund and went on to manage a fund at Shearson Lehman, which he grew to $27 million in the 1980s.

Donchian may or may not have coined the phrase "the trend is your friend," but he absolutely lived by it. Like all great trend followers, the importance of price was critical for Donchian. In the March 1982 edition of Forbes William Baldwin had this to say…

In my determination to slash the risk that sometimes goes with trading I discovered a way to tweak Donchian’s technology. Once I did, it was like a dam burst and the profits started rolling in.

By simplifying this into a much faster and easier to read tool because the system draws the support and resistance lines for you, so you can see at a glance where the market has been and where it is likely to go next.

As you read further you will see a system for trading unlike any other. One that crushes risk to the point that it’s almost non-existent. To the point that you could lose 5 out of 6 trades and still make money.

And that Forex number is if you are being massively conservative with the “usual” tools. This system blows those numbers out of the water.

Everyone who knows me knows how seriously I take the individual success of each and every trader I mentor… I don’t rest until you are successful. Period.

I spent many years in the military. Not any branch you have likely ever heard of, because we basically didn’t exist.

The operations we ran are still Top Secret, because officially, they never happened. No government will claim us because officially we worked for an international agency.

The average survival time of special operatives like us was 36 hours. Yes, just three days. So, if we didn’t have each other’s backs… Well, our chances weren’t good.

The other thing I learned while serving was sheer determination. The refusal to ever give up on a worthwhile goal. Which is in part what led me to spending the past 16 years perfecting the perfect system and method of trading.

I knew that it was possible to slash risk far beyond what was presently possible and earn more on every trade. And I refused to stop working at it until I had created a system that did exactly that.

Most people think that earning a healthy six-figure salary takes an MBA, a medical or law degree or at least slaving away at the same job for decades.

They can’t wrap their head around the fact that others, who are just like them, have found a way to out earn everyone they know, without ever leaving the house. And do it in just an hour or two a day.

They are making six and even seven figures a year in a fraction of the time most people spend working their butts off for a fraction of that.

That earning money is just trading dollars for hours and because there are only 24 hours in a day it is impossible to scale that.

If you want to make $200,000.00 a year for example, you would have to make $769.23 an hour based on a 40-hour work week. Unless you are a brain surgeon that’s a pretty lofty hourly wage.

Watch me trade it in real time. Forex Master Method Evolution is the climax…