Hidden Mind Power – Unleash the Power Of your Brain

Hidden Mind Power - Unleash the Power Of your BrainYou’ll feel like time and space has ceased to exist… you’ll find virtually every goodness automatically attracted to you faster than you can ever imagine.

Because the information I’m going to share with you has changed my life. It can also change yours. And I’m going to show you how.

You don’t have to be spiritual or possess genius-level IQ. This neither belongs to oriental, nor western philosophy. It’s universal without taking the side of any belief.

It’s not hocus pocus but pure SCIENCE. You just need to activate your inner self, which is your BIRTHRIGHT.

Let me encourage you to pause a moment. Get comfortable and relax as much as you can. Breathe deeply…

You hop into your car and take a trip to an unknown destiny. The scenery passes by – there’s no turning back now…

You find a green meadow. The grass waves at you. The air is fresh and crisp. And a light breeze gently invites you to stay. White clouds are scattered across a clear blue sky. It feels so good to be here.

You lie down on the soft, cool grass. It relaxes your body. A sense of peace and tranquility embraces you…

When you look up at the sky, it welcomes you with a drizzle. Little raindrops quietly touch your body… as if wanting you to take a stroll down to a nearby stream.

And as you walk, you see a portal. It’s your passageway — the way to a hidden realm where you will find your answers. A way you have never seen before…

You walk through the portal. A lightness of being fills your body and mind. It flows up your spine. And all tension is gone forever.

In a split second, a long stretch of silvery white sand appears. You’re alone on a beach. The waves pound gently. The sound entrances you. Your mind becomes quieter and quieter, more and more peaceful. You’re deep into an expanded realm of your mind.

There is a bright light shining on you. As you move closer, you become one with the light. There’s warmth here. And it’s protecting you… and protecting you…

You have no worries or burdens now. You have found the eternal source of immense creativity, deep intuition, perfect health, and total well-being… life is better than you ever dreamed it could be.

The divine within you whispers… Telling you of the many wonders you can do to improve your life and others’… and shows you how to do it.

The blessing of creativity and intuition pours upon you… Showing you the road to your ultimate, satisfying life.

The warmth within eases your pain and heals your wounds. Your lifespan is no more defined by age. You are ageless.

Then… the inner world slowly dissolves. You awaken… but you remember everything. The power is in your hand.

And tears roll down on your cheek. You know… there is nothing you can’t do. There’s no dream you can’t achieve. There’s no star you can’t reach.

The hidden source finally shows you the key. And you know… you’ll carry this power with you, even when you’re not physically in this realm.

The sages such as Carl Jung, Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchill have revealed its existence directly and indirectly. But not many people are paying attention.

After recovering, I suffered from Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and none of the prescribed medicines could help.

I was virtually uncontrollable physically and emotionally. This fear ruined my relationships with family and friends… just about everything in my path. It was like being in hell!

Somewhere, somehow I knew… A destructive energy still resided in my mind. It created many disturbances… expanding and waiting to erupt again.

He was conducting research — to know why tribal people (far away from civilization… no hamburger… without electricity… without western medicine) are relatively more creative, more intuitive, and healthier than we are.

Interestingly there’s rarely (or never) mental illness in their secluded society. And they’re much, much happier than we are!

The drugs relax the body. And the sound eases the mind and restructures the brain to a higher level of functioning.

Imagine if these almost naked people came to our civilized world with their secret, they’d have an advantage over us!

Because they have the power to overcome cultural differences and outshine us. And that is not without proof.

There were many cases where Spanish Conquistadors brought native Americans back to their homeland as slaves. After a while, the slaves were free of bondage. They blended too well into society and became distinguished rich people in the country.

Dr. Lange found that the rhythmic sound of the drums matched the natural frequency of human brain waves.

German scientist, Hans Berger first discovered brain waves in 1924. His work was later confirmed by many other researchers.

What is interesting is that many people experience unexpected abilities when their brains are in Theta and Delta states, as confirmed by many scientists.

Imagine the power you can gain once your brain switches to these stages of higher functioning… and you can do this without drugs or rituals.

You will get these abilities from the expanded mind realm. And you will be able to retain these powers.

I was once skeptical… until Dr. Lange conducted an experiment on me, and let me prove it to myself!

Now I am religious, but I’ve got my healthy doubts too. Albert Einstein’s words remind me of his quest to understand the great mystery.

Then he had me lie down on a bed in a quiet room. He taught me a simple breathing exercise. I closed my eyes and relaxed as much as possible.

Eventually, after 60 minutes, my body was completely at rest. I felt like a sleeping baby in a warm cradle. My mind expanded and did not exist in my… Read more…