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How Do I Tell The Kids – ClickBank Landing Page - Child-Centered DivorceGet your free copy of Post-Divorce Parenting: Success Strategies For Getting It Right! by Rosalind Sedacca, CDC- packed with valuable advice, tips, resources and more!

My name is Rosalind Sedacca. I’ve been where you are now – and I understand how you feel. Anxious, worried … maybe even terrified at the prospect of talking to your kids about the changes ahead.

At a time when it’s hard to feel positive, I can show you how to create the most positive outcome to this tough situation – for the sake of the children you love.

Whether you’re getting divorced or separated, it’s a challenging time. For you, your spouse, and especially for your innocent children.

I struggled with the anger, the hurt, the gut-wrenching fear, as well as the anxiety and guilt. What’s worse, I struggled with the burning question that kept me up for weeks:

I’ve been there. And I stayed up for many sleepless nights trying to figure out the best way to break the news. Ultimately I came up with an innovative, yet simple new approach that was very successful for me and the hundreds of other families that have been using it since I launched my book.

There are answers to your questions. There’s also a simple way to tell your children in a manner that eases their pain, reassures them of your love and helps them get through the transition that lies ahead. Best of all …

Let’s face it, telling your children about the divorce may be the most difficult conversation you’ll ever have. Why leave it to chance?

I wrote this guidebook so you don’t have to worry, spend sleepless nights or beat yourself up about making a mistake … saying the wrong things … falling apart … or not having answers to your children’s immediate questions.

I know there are many books about children and divorce. What makes this one unique? My innovative Create-a-Storybook™ concept. I’ve prepared for you an actual template – the word-for-word text that tells you just what you need to say – in age-appropriate language for children 5 to 10 or 10 to 15. And then I guide you, step-by-step, in preparing an attractive personal family storybook, in a photo-album format, that your children will want to read.

In other words, I don’t just tell you what to say – I actually say it for you – with love and compassion! I also include the six key messages your children continuously need to hear, understand and accept at this crucial time. Even if you don’t purchase my guidebook, you need to make sure you share these essential messages with your kids again and again so that they never forget:

No other book anywhere shows you how to create a customized storybook uniquely about your family … your children … and your divorce!

That’s right. Because this is such an important message, not one or two, but six professional therapists, experienced with divorce and mediation, contribute their considerable expertise to this guidebook. Their insight, advice, commentary and support add significantly to the value of How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? – making it a resource you can turn to again and again in the days, weeks, months … and even years ahead.

“Rosalind Sedacca’s ‘How Do I Tell the Kids about the DIVORCE?’ is a much needed breakthrough in the emotional minefield that parents traverse when they prepare their children for an impending divorce. The template, storybook strategy sends sensitive, kind, loving and safe messages, which every child needs as they prepare for the scary unknown. I recommend her book for everyone who has children and is contemplating divorce.” —Jack Singer, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical & Forensic Psychologist, Expert Witness, Custody and Family Matters

“Rosalind Sedacca has made a monumental contribution to self-help resources in an area that affects the lives of millions of men, women and children. After 35 years of counseling people in various stages of uncoupling, I can testify to the urgent need of a “how to” guide for people contemplating divorce. This book offers them a “life preserver.” I have already referred my patients to this material and have received great feedback. I cannot recommend this book highly enough.” —Beverly Gibel, LCSW, ACSW, BCD

“How Do I Tell the Kids…about the DIVORCE? is unique in that it offers parents an innovative approach to having that difficult and usually dreaded initial conversation with their children and making it as positive and supportive as possible. The fill-in-the-blanks template concept is original and will be an extremely useful tool for families during a difficult time. A parent contemplating a divorce would be well served by reading this valuable book.” —Raoul Felder, Divorce Attorney

“Rosalind Sedacca has just improved the lives of countless children. I have practiced divorce law for 45 years and will attest to the importance of how children are introduced to their parents’ divorce. How Do I Tell the Kids about the Divorce? gives us something simple and sound to rely upon. There is absolutely no downside to Rosalind’s storybook concept. It’s all good and it beats anything else that I’ve come across. In fact, it’s great and it is definitely something that the world has needed. The book is a winner and it is also a lifesaver.” —J. Richard Kulerski, Esq

“Rosalind Sedacca has invaluable information to share with divorcing parents. There is no other book a couple needs to help them with the most difficult conversation a parent can have with a child, that their parents are getting divorced. You are VERY lucky to have found my partner in the peaceful divorce movement.” —Belinda Rachman, Esq

“This hands-on interactive storybook is a must for all parents going through a divorce. It is a step-by-step guide for appropriately including children in the process. No parent should leave their home without it… Read more…

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