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Legendary Potency

Legendary PotencyCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEDear Friend, If you have sex problems, potency problems, or even full blown ED. . .

And are tired of all the gimmicks, expensive pills, and supplements that do nothing but prey on your desperation . . . this may well be the most important message you ever read.

Here’s why: I’m about to teach you how to completely annihilate all traces of ED, reclaim your sexual youth and more – using dozens of long forgotten “secrets” just recently being discovered from the most potent men in history. . .

Secrets that have actually been banned & labeled demonic & blasphemous by over 3 religions and forbidden to use for over 1,600 years of human history!

But the original Olympian athletes of Greece, every Spartan from the famous “Battle of 300,” Chinese Emperors, Egyptian Pharaohs, polygamous Mormons, middle eastern Sultans, and more. . .

And it doesn’t involve any drugs, pills, pumps, exercise, weird psychology, or learning sexual techniques of any kind!

But before I explain all that, let me introduce myself. Hi, my name is Scott Greene and I’m a researcher, historian, & men’s health author (maybe you’ve heard of me).

And when I tell you you I’m going to teach you the biological "cheat codes" of EVERY man I just listed above . . . men like King Leonidas . . . who as 60 years old when he fought alongside his army of 300 Spartans & held off over 20,000 Persians in 480 B.C. . . . I’m not kidding.

Listen carefully: According to the University of Wisconsin . . . right now . . . approximately 20% of western men in their 20s have at least “mild to moderate erectile dysfunction.”

As if that isn’t disturbing enough, that number increases by 10% with each decade – meaning 30% of men in their 30s have or will have some form of ED – as well as 40% of men in their 40s, and 50% of men in their 50s!

And before you ask if that’s normal, get this: The average man’s sperm count has plummeted to the point where it’s less than half of what it was in 1945 – hell, studies say 20% of young males today have sperm counts so low they’re almost sterile!

I don’t know about you . . . but when I see these statistics – I feel like I’ve been robbed!

Think about it . . . if your testosterone levels were as nature intended, you’d not only have zero potency problems. . .

Don’t tell my friends, but just a few years ago I too had a serious potency problem that nearly destroyed my life. . .

There was nothing different about that night, but for some reason . . . after coming home from a friend’s dinner party . . . when I pulled my wife’s dress off . . . my penis stayed soft.

And that’s what I told myself too . . . even when it happened again 3 weeks later . . . and then a week after that. . .

It took 3 months for me to admit I had ED, and by then it was happening every week. Before I knew it, my body had betrayed me in the most humiliating way possible.

I was constantly worried those around me would somehow find out and view me as one of those men who “couldn’t get it up.”

Months went by without the passionate, “spur of the moment” sex that had defined our relationship previously . . . and my constant excuses to avoid being intimate with her were taking their toll. . .

Eventually I got the courage to seek help and . . . even though I really didn’t want to rely on drugs, I just didn’t know what else to do . . . so I swallowed what was left of my pride along with that first little blue pill. . .

In total I took it on 2 different occasions, & even though it sort of worked I told myself I would never take it again. Because of the side effects. . .

It started with a bad headache, followed by difficulty breathing, chest pain, and really fast irregular heartbeat.

Eventually the symptoms went away so I didn’t call the ambulance but then I looked at page 2 of the drug leaflet & I couldn’t believe the list of dangerous side effects that were there!

And that’s not even the whole list. Below it talks about sudden death (!) , loss of blood flow to the heart, seizures!

Note this is the side effect list for "sildanifil," the active ingredient of ALL oral ED drugs , not just Viagra. I’ve talked to a lot of men over the years and let me tell you, these side effects are FAR more common than this leaflet says.

Shortly after we had gone to bed she turned to me and without saying a word . . . started stroking my penis through my clothes. Somehow she managed to make me hard for the first time in months!

I tried it all, weird herbal pills from China, creams, hypnosis programs, everything but surgery.

Everything went south. She would get angry and scream at me. We stopped kissing, holding hands, even going out to dinner together. It took 4 months for my reality check came in . . . in the form of divorce papers.

Obviously it was my fault, so I gave her the apartment and moved to the suburbs – where I basically gave up.

I got depressed, gained 30 pounds, and nearly lost my job twice. I became so ashamed of my penis I even began to piss sitting down to avoid having to handle it or look at it & the man I had become.

Eventually my depression and loneliness got to the point where I started to look to religion because I was so desperate for happiness.

That’s when I arranged to have lunch with a “maha-thera,” (a title given to Buddhist monks) from a local temple here in New York. . .

And that’s when I ordered the Turkish Pomegranate Onions – and he dropped the six word bomb!

I’d never heard this, but according to this monk onions – in particular onion juice – was forbidden to Buddhists because they cause “aggression” when eaten raw & act as “aphrodisiacs” when cooked, each of which “disturbs a peaceful mind” & “interferes with meditation practices.”

I honestly thought it was nonsense. I… Read more…