Pest Control Profits 1 – How to Start a Pest Control Business

I don’t know what your reasons are for wanting to start your own pest control business; you might hate your current job, you might hate working for the man, you might feel like your job is going nowhere, maybe you want to start building a business for yourself for a change,  or maybe you already have a service business and you want to start offering pest control services to your customers.

Whatever your reason is, what I can tell you is that pest control is an awesome business to get into.

The strategies that I’m going to teach you in this course are stupid simple, they work, and they will bring you a lot of business if you simply do what I tell you.

I used to work at Walmart. I was a lawn and garden associate and I put together barbecue grills for 8 hours a day, unless the front was busy and they needed me to be a cashier.

I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about the person actually ringing you up when you buy something at the store, but you’re the probably the 300th person they’ve had to deal with that day… The people that do that for years and make a career out of it are amazing… I don’t know how they do it.

I couldn’t stand my boss ordering me around like I was his 4 year old kid. He would tell me to do something ridiculous and then walk away with a smug little smirk on his face because he knew that I couldn’t do anything about it… he was the boss.

Some friends of mine were in sales, and while they did have managers, they basically worked when they wanted to. Finally, they talked me into quitting my job and giving sales a shot.

Once I kind of got the hang of things, I liked sales. The money was good, I could work when I wanted to, and there wasn’t someone constantly ordering me around.

I also loved working on commission, and before long I was looking at other companies trying to figure out where I could get paid the most.

By that point, one of my friends was selling accounts for a pest control company. He kept telling me how much he was getting paid per sale, but he was also the friend that’s always telling you B.S. stories for some reason, so I never took him too serious.

We were getting paid a big % of each sale, and the best guys there were getting 4-6 sales a day. It was insane. These guys made car salesman and real estate agents look like the Salvation Army asking for spare change.

And I kept thinking I was rich, until one day we had a company BBQ at the owners house. Once again, when I saw this guys house I thought, “pest control… really?”

It was amazing. At that moment it made perfect sense that he was making a boatload of cash, because how else was he paying us salesman so much money?

The wheels in my head started turning, and I decided right then and there that I was going to start my own pest control business.

The next Monday at work, I started paying very close attention to how “the business” worked: I would ask technicians how to treat this, and how to treat that, I asked the receptionists how billing worked, how accounts came in, where the forms came from, etc, etc.

Once I started paying close attention to the sales and revenue reports, I noticed something that seemed pretty weird: the market segment that was by far the most profitable got the smallest percentage of our marketing budget.

I’m not a Harvard graduate or anything, but it seemed like to me that you would start paying more attention to the most profitable market segment.

I decided that when I started my own pest control business, my business would focus solely on that market.

To make a long story short, my partners and I went on to do exactly that, it worked out great, and to this day, 90% of pest control companies still don’t focus on this “secret market”.

Back to my personal story for a minute, my first pest control venture was with three other partners in Birmingham, Alabama.

If you’re not from the South, pest control is basically like electricity: almost everyone already has a pest control service.

My partners and I started a brand new company, so we knew for a fact no one had ever seen our logo, or heard of our company name.

We started selling and servicing accounts in May that year, and we focused only on the “secret market segment” that I mentioned earlier.

By the end of August that year, we had several thousand accounts on the books- new accounts in a saturated market. And these were yearly contracts- not just one-time services.

But when you run your pest control business using the methods I’ll show you in this course, the amount of business you can generate in a short amount of time is ridiculous.

Module 1 is an overview of what the Pest Control Profits system is, and what the differences are between the Pest Control Profits system, and traditional pest control companies.

The great part is, that even traditional pest control businesses make a lot of money, simply because there’s such a high profit margin on pest control services, and it’s something that a lot of people and businesses need.

When you take those profit margins, and apply the techniques in this program, as well all the other secret tips and tricks to you’ll learn, you quickly see the huge potential.

Module 2 takes you through the first steps of setting up your pest control business. This module covers how to price your services, even if don’t…