6% Body Fat Program – Six percent body fat

Continue reading to discover a power step by step system you can use to get rid of body fat once and for all…

I know what you’re thinking – “what can this dude teach me about losing weight and get ripped abs?” Well, if you’re already in amazing shape, then there’s not much I can do for you. But if you’re still struggling to get to get in the best shape of your life, then you’ll want to pay attention to every word of this letter…

Hi, I’m Justin and in just a moment, you’ll hear my story of how I went from overweight….to 6% body fat that allowed me to compete in a bodybuilding contest. By following these techniques that I teach, I GUARANTEE you’ll get the same amazing results that I did, probably even better.

These little-known secrets are used by natural bodybuilders and fitness models to get ripped for competitions.

If you are ready to let go of worthless training methods and poor food choices that are holding you back, then now is the time to make that change in your life.

The before and after photos above show my personal 12-week physique transformation that I was able to achieve by following the fat loss training strategies that you will learn.

The methods that I teach is exactly what allowed me to get absolutely shredded right with eye-popping six pack abs. I simply let the results speak for themselves. All I can say is that this program flat out works!

After weeks of training, I started to notice improvements in my physique and as you can see I lost a ton of body fat but I was still able to maintain muscle mass during the process.

You landed on this page, because you are looking to get a killer body just in time for summer, maybe even compete or perhaps look your very best for a special event. Whatever reason, when you follow the step-by-step methods that I teach, I have complete confidence that you will reach that goal.

I’ve been lifting weights since 2004 after a friend introduced me to weight training and cardio. I’m now 37 years I remember it like yesterday the first time I set foot in the gym. I was this skinny 24 year old completely unsure where to begin…

To be honest, I was afraid to go to the gym at first. I had always imagined there would be intimidating guys there who would laugh and make fun of me if I dropped a weight on myself or tripped over something.

I used to be self-conscious, shy and was afraid to try new things. I kept making excuses and avoided going to the gym until my sister practically dragged me there.

Eventually, I gained some confidence in myself after learning the basics of weight training which was great and even gained muscle. But the one thing I wanted more than anything was to get lose body fat and shredded abs like the guys you see embracing the cover of muscle and fitness magazines.

When I relied on traditional workouts to burn fat, I used to do 2 to 3 high-intensity cardio workouts per week and lifted weights almost every day.

These exercises used to drain me so much that I concluded there has to be a better and more sustainable way to achieve my fitness goals.

I used to indulge in all kinds of processed food because eating healthy food did not appeal to me at the time.

My mindset was: “As long as I worked my ass off at the gym, eventually I will reach my ideal body, naturally.”

I did a lot of research on exercising, health, and nutrition just as I was on the verge of giving up and came across something that completely changed my life and gave me the exact information I need to get the body I always wanted.

In fact, this is what helped transform my physique and words can’t describe how I felt once I discovered these training and nutrition strategies.

Just a few years later, I competed in a drug-free natural bodybuilding contest, so I know exactly what it takes to speed up muscle growth and burn body fat….

I’m just a regular guy with pretty average genetics, so I have no doubt if you put in the same kind of effort that I did, you can build an incredible physique as well.

To be honest, it doesn’t matter what your goals are if you follow the same result-oriented" approach that myself and other natural bodybuilders used to get in shape.

I gained 15 pounds of extra lean muscle and dropped my body fat down from 20% to 6% and after that my confidence levels went through the roof. I literally felt amazing!

I stopped wasting hours training in the gym and cut my training down to less than 4 hours a week. I spent the rest of my time focusing on more important things in my life, such as my online business, and friends and family.

Every time I took my shirt off in front of the mirror I saw V-line six-pack abs staring right back at me.

In the summer time, I walked around topless and even slowed down speeding traffic with my abs…haha. Seriously! Not to mention, my girlfriend finds my abs sexy and loves running her finger over them.

The truth is we all have six pack, but it’s hiding under a layer of fat. All you gotta do is strip that fat away and boom!

Even when I lost body fat, I was still able to maintain muscle mass so I actually appeared a lot bigger and more muscular. For the first time in my life, I had bigger biceps, shoulder, and chest that literally turned heads every time I walked down the street.

Best of all, I gained more…