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Phase 2 is where you go Hard-Core to lose those Last Stubborn 5-10lbs. Under Phase 2, I personally lost an ADDITIONAL 10lbs in 2 WEEKS and got my body ULTRA-LEAN! I literally got back down to what I weighed when I was 18 years old! That is an INSANE Result!

Also included is a controversial section, where I expose the hidden truths behind what we are all being fed. The knowledge you’ll gain here will change everything you thought you knew about food, and will educate you on what foods to eat, and what foods to avoid in order to get healthy, and lose that very last bit of belly flab.

Phase 3 is where you learn about Proper Nutrition and the correct eating habits and routines you’ll need in order to Sustain Your New Lean and Healthy Body For The Rest Of Your Life!

By following Phase 3, I’ve personally maintained my 50lb Weight Loss for Over 7 Years now!… and There’s NO Going Back!

This Manual is loaded with Powerful tips, techniques, advice, and recommendations … including the proper mindsets and motivation to help you Stay Focused on your Life-Changing Goals, and to ensure that you ramp up your weight loss into overdrive.

This is where I go into detail about what Simple and Easy Everyday Activities you can do to keep yourself in Great Shape For The Rest Of Your Life. I also debunk common perceptions about exercising, and reveal why traditional Exercising is Ridiculous, Unnecessary, and Just Plain Silly … and why You Don’t Need To Waste Your Time Going To The Gym or Exercising in order to Lose Staggering Amounts of Weight!

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