Fastlane 2 Fatloss – 95% of all diets fail

Have you spent countless hours, untold energy and your hard-earned money on diets that promise you results but only work temporarily, only to gain back that weight back (and a little extra along with it)

Statistics show that 95% of people who lose weight on a diet will gain it all back within a year, and most of those people end up puting on some extra weight.

You’re unknowingly being shamed by fitness models on social media who promise easy fixes for a slender body…

The food industry tricks you into craving fattening foods so that you’ll go out and buy it from them…

The drug companies want to keep you fat and sick so they can keep selling you expensive prescription medicine…

Don’t you want to finally stop the madness and confusion that has been frustrating you for so long?

But I wasn’t just fat; I was also unhealthy. My skin was constantly breaking out, I had severe migraines

I wasn’t getting restful sleep – and I probably had sleep apnea; in fact, I was snoring so much, my wife couldn’t sleep. So I had a lot of guilt about that.

I wasn’t feeling good about myself so my work suffered, my career suffered and so did my bank account.

My skin cleared up I regained my focus and concentration I started sleeping like a baby – AND I don’t snore anymore!

But most importantly, my blood work improved drastically, my fasting blood sugar was in a normal range, and my cholesterol was excellent.

In fact, my doctor told me that he had to double check to verify that he was looking at my charts and not somebody else’s!

But something didn’t feel right. I had this weird, uncomfortable, feeling lingering in the back of my mind. It was a sense of dread.

You know, I’m not some fitness guru who was blessed with a perfect body and a perfect metabolism from birth.

I’m not some guy who has never struggled with his weight that is trying to sell you something that doesn’t work.

I’ve been there; I struggled nearly my entire adult life with my weight and all the bad stuff that goes along with it:

You know that hopeless feeling you get when you think you’ll be fat forever so you just continue to eat the same old foods because you’ve simply given up.

If you follow this system exactly as I explain it and outline it, you’ll begin to see all that extra fat disappearing faster than you ever thought possible.

Want to burn as much fat as possible, as fast as possible, as safely as possible.  Without diet pills, medication or starvation.

Have consistently tried diets that don’t work in the long term.  You’ve been able to lose weight but have trouble keeping it off.

When you make a purchase, you are getting a personal promise from me. All I ask of you is to try out the Fastlane 2 Fatloss for at least 60 days.

I guarante that you will see a noticeable reduction in body fat around your waist.  If you don’t see any improvement, then send me an email and I will be happy to issue an immediate refund.

If after 60 days, you don’t see results, please email me and I’ll give you 100% of your money back

But what are the risks of not at least giving it a shot? You will be stuck at the same weight or more for the rest of your life? You will be lethargic all day long, wishing the entire day away? Your health will decline at a rapid pace? You will spend more and more money on prescription medicine and health care bills?

This is the main system where I lay everything out for you.  It’s divided into 2 sections. The first section is the science and history of why we eat the way we do and why our technology has outpaced our evolution. s

The second section lays out the plan in detail.  It’s divided by weeks as a convenience but it really is designed for you to move at your own pace.

This bonus is a short booklet that lays out the fundamentals of fasting and why you should limit your eating during certain times every day.

There are formulas in the main system that you can use to calculate your body fat percentage and your total daily calories.

Don’t want to do any math?  I’ve got you covered.  All you have to do is plug the numbers in to these calculators and my clever gnomes will do all the behind the scenes calculations for you (disclaimer – it’s really just an excel spreadsheet – there aren’t any actual gnomes)

Don’t have excel?  Not to worry, I also have these same calculators available as a special private link to a webpage that you can use instead!

I cover all the different types of fats, what types of fat your body prefers and what types of fats you need to avoid in order to live an optimized healthy life.

If you forget what foods you can eat and what foods you should avoid, you can just print this little one-page guide and put it on your fridge.

It’s a quick little cheat sheet so you don’t have to try to remember or go looking for the information.

Here’s the deal: this is a brand new system so I’m opening it up at a deep introductory discount. I like to think of it as a beta test.

As an early student of this system, you will be eligible for free updates. Anytime I update this system, you will be able to get that update absolutely free!! I’ll send you an email letting you know that there is an update available. So you’ll always have the freshest information available.

But time is of…