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Confused by the overload of fitness programs and information online? Follow the exact program that took me from 155lbs of fat to 125lbs of lean muscle!

Hey, I’m Allison Green! You may know me from my band Millionaires or from the TV show, Bad Girls Club. Now I want to guide YOU through your fitness journey!

After living a hard partying, always on the road, musician’s lifestyle with my band Millionaires, it started to take a toll on me inside and out… I constantly felt sick, had no energy, and at my heaviest I weighed 155lbs! When it got to the point where I couldn’t even button my pants, I knew I needed to transform myself…

First I tried experimenting with a ton of different workout routines including Circuit Training, Bodybuilding, Yoga, and Strength Training…

After bouncing around between these workouts, I decided that I needed to come up with ONE program and commit to it in order to transform my body. So I worked with my fitness team to combine what I liked from these other workouts in order to develop a unique Diet and Exercise program for myself.

Now I want to give you the EXACT SAME 90 day program that helped me to lose 27lbs, burn fat, build LEAN ATHLETIC MUSCLE, and transform my body and life into the epitome of HEALTH, VITALITY, and FITNESS!

After filming the Bad Girls Club, there was one question that people kept asking me over and over on my social media accounts,

The quick and easy answer is to get on a regular exercise regimen and eat a healthier diet. But the more I read the comments, the more I began to understand what the real problem was:

So many people are LOST when it comes to how to get healthy and fit, and especially knowing WHERE TO START!

Honestly, I wasn’t utterly surprised because I too was once completely clueless about health and fitness—changing my diet and going to the gym felt scary and overwhelming to me. I just didn’t realize that there were so many others who felt the same way that I used to.

Too many people are afraid of the gym and have misconceived notions about health and fitness, but with so many rumors flying around who can blame them?! It’s hard to know what to believe. A few of the common Health and Fitness Myths which I dispel in my program are:

If you’ve believed any of these or other myths about health and fitness, don’t feel bad—I once did too!

At one point in my life I was desperate to lose weight but I didn’t want to quit drinking. And because I believed that counting calories was the key to a healthy diet, I pretty much stopped eating so that my caloric intake was entirely alcohol and small snacks. Although I was skinny, I was NOT healthy! In fact, I felt sick and out of energy all the time; it felt like my body was just wasting away.

Once I started following the same diet plan that you will receive with my program, I became so much healthier and full of energy! Even though I was actually eating more food, my body started to look better than ever before. This is because I was finally getting the nutrients that our bodies desperately crave and that are essential to building muscle.

I’ve realized that the type of drastic, calorie cutting that I did before is SO DANGEROUS. But like so many other people, I just didn’t know any better so I really believed I was being healthier.

Now, I want to prevent others from repeating my mistakes by educating them about proper diet and exercise strategies with my program! 

Remember, the program was created for my own personal use when I was a beginner so I can attest to the fact that it is made with beginners in mind.

Over the 12 weeks you can start knowing nothing but finish feeling like an expert in the gym, because I really will teach you all about fitness

You will be stronger, more fit, in better shape, healthier, and hopefully happier by using this program!

The program is a total of 12 weeks or 90 days, broken down into 3 distinct phases of 4 weeks each. The first two phases consist of a 3 day per week routine while the final phase is a 4 day per week routine, with each workout lasting approximately 1 hour. In addition, there is a stretching program that is to be used on rest days.

Imagine finding a fitness program for yourself only to be overwhelmed by the workouts as you have never done these types of exercises before.

Many programs give no or inadequate explanations of how to perform each exercise, leaving you feeling frustrated and unmotivated to hit the gym because you still don’t feel like you know what to do during a workout.

With Follow Me Fitness, I will walk you through each exercise and demonstrate how to do it properly. That way when you walk into the gym, you will feel confident about performing all of the exercises correctly.

As I’ve said before, once I left Bad Girls Club I decided to dedicate my life to health and fitness. And after navigating my own fitness journey and completely transforming my body and my life, I realized that my mission was to help YOU and all the people who:

I usually sell the workout plan, the nutrition guide, and the stretching program separately, but because the new year is approaching I want to combine them all so you can really see results. Buying each program separately would cost you $197, but as of right now I am selling them as a package for a one time payment of $47.

And I’m so confident this program will get you results, I’m willing to offer a "No…