Lean Fast Rapid Fat Loss Intermittent Fasting Program – Rapid Fat Loss Programs 2.0

The LeanFast Rapid Fat Loss Program comes with detailed guides, calculators, training programs and much more, showing you EXACTLY what you need to do to lose body fat, maintain muscle, and build a lean, athletic body.

This program is the ‘missing element’ in the intermittent fasting and weight loss world. It is a complete plan, not just a bunch of soundbites and tips. It’s natural, safe, and designed to help you get the weight off and KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF. This is a lifestyle program that you are going to love. Here’s what’s included. Don’t forget, I’m throwing in a professionally narrated audiobook if you purchase today!

Providing a handy overview and aide memoire to the LeanFast RFL system. You’ll also get the 16:8 intermittent fasting ‘cheat sheet’ to print out and stick on your refrigerator

70 pages providing all the information you need. A detailed discussion on daily intermittent fasting, meal timings and meal ratio advice, how to set up your day AND your training for maximum results, foods to eat and foods to avoid. What foods you need to count and what you can eat freely. PLUS a detailed guide on assessing progress.

60 Second Personalised Nutrition Calculator And Progress Record – Wherever you are on your fat loss journey. Whether you have 5 pounds or 150 pounds to lose. This spreadsheet based calculator will allow you to input your target weight and provide you with a personalised daily food intake plan. No guessing, no fuss. Totally modifiable as your progress dictates.

A 2 day starter meal plan guide on meal ideas for your program, with links to those, and more recipes on the Leaner By Design website.

Calorie counting sucks! In the LeanFast RFL 2.0 system, we use macro counting as the ‘middle way’. This guide show you how to assess and manage your portion sizes for effective weight loss WITHOUT having to obsess about every single thing that passes your lips. This is a game-changer! I’ve even included tables on protein, fat and carbohydrate quantities for a variety of the most common foods you’ll be enjoying.

A detailed guide with images, teaching you how to use an app like MyFitnessPal or MyNetDiary to record your meals. I show you how to set up custom foods and more. If you hate tech, I even show you how to plan and record your meals in a notepad, what could be simpler?

This detailed guide offers you the EXACT training program that will bring you great results, help you maintain (or even increase) your precious muscle mass while losing body fat. The BOLT-ONS sections provide additional activities you can use to speed up your body transformation. Not essential, but nice to have! If you don’t have access to barbells, I’ve provided details on bodyweight programs that you can use with great success.

Detailed advice on how to take weekly measurements and photographs to track progress. This is essential. Scale weight of a relatively poor indicator of progress. This guide shows you EVERYTHING you need to get meaningful results.

One of the LeanFast RFL BOLT-ONS that warranted it’s own guide. This guide explains carb cycling, and how (and when) you should use it.

This is an advanced bolt-on for when you’re pushing to lose those last few pounds, or if progress stalls.

Do you know your current body fat percentage? Use this quick photographic guide to estimate your body fat levels. A guide for both males and females.

Hundreds of people have invested in themselves with this program.We tested the program on a private Facebook group for 6 months with awesome results, This is the EXACT same program that I have used with my face to face and online coaching clients around the world.

"I have no doubt in Stephen’s ability as an online nutrition coach, having witnessed the amazing change in a close family member he worked with earlier this year" – Jon

"As a current customer of Steve, having lost 13kgs in 12 weeks, I shall be embracing this process to continue losing weight and maintaining it. Read and apply with the confidence that you have received the best advice." – Amanda D

"Steve’s positivity and encouragement have made the difference this time and I can’t recommend his help enough to anyone who really wants to see some dramatic results in their weight loss." – Katy

"I look better than I EVER have, and have a long-term plan to get even stronger and leaner. My wife is VERY happy !!!" – Greg W

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The LeanFast RFL 2.0 (Rapid Fat Loss) program is a nutrition and training program specifically designed to lose body fat whilst building (or at least maintaining) lean muscle, leaving you looking lean, strong and athletic by the end of the program.

The LeanFast program is all meat and no fluff. It’s all based on good nutritional science and exercise prescription. You won’t be spending hours doing ‘cardio’ or half starving yourself.

The execution plan and tools are all about taking action and getting results as quickly and easily as possible.

The program utilises daily intermittent fasting with the 16:8 diet, allowing for 2-3 good sized, nourishing, and satisfying meals a day, with a fruit snack built into the program. You won’t be hungry, that’s for sure.

A 3 x week strength training program using barbells, resistance machines, or even bodyweight exercises. I’ve provided programs for all 3 modes, so there’s no excuse that you don’t have the equipment.

Detailed nutritional requirements calculator to input your current stats and build your own nutrition plan. Record sheets for measurements and training progress to allow you to properly assess your progress.

LeanFast Bolt-Ons that can help accelerate progress. Not essential, but also very doable if you are keen to…