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Dear Entreprenuer, It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Have you found lately that you’ve been spinning your wheels working on one money-making project after another just to find that most of them have been futile and fruitless? You think to yourself…"Something has to work out soon. This is all a numbers game, isn’t it?" And you keep trying out different things, real estate deals, business opportunites, and a wide variety of other endeavors just to end up with the same result: NOTHING! Then you get more frustrated, more desperate, and push harder to make something work. Yet the more "stuff" you do, the less pans out. At some point, you throw in the towel and account for those that are successful as just being "lucky."

Whatever You Chase After Will ALWAYS Evade You; Whatever You Run Away From Will ALWAYS Catch Up to You!

Years ago I thought I wanted to try my hand at cooking/baking. I knew I wasn’t good at it and had little interest in it. But my grandmother — a cooking "expert" and fanatic — was convinced that anyone with a half-brain (or even a "jug head," as she called stupid people) could make this simple blueberry cheesecake recipe. So, there I was about 10 years old in her kitchen following EXACT and PRECISE directions making my own blueberry cheesecake while she made her own in a separate dish. To make a dreadfully long story short, hours later she had a perfectly delicious photo-worthy award-winning blueberry cheesecake and I had a pile of sh** in a dish. Being the 100% Italian woman that she was, she was sure to let me know that I was a "jug head" for screwing up a seemingly simple recipe and proceeded to tell hundreds of family members about the experience thereafter. Years later, I took a "tested and proven" coconut cream pie recipe, followed it to the letter, and ended up with much the same result. This is about the time when I realized that (1) I couldn’t cook or bake, and (2) I thought cooking and baking sucked anyway…so why did I even bother to begin with? And that was the key: I thought cooking and baking "sucked" which is why I was forever condemned to get "sucky" results from any and all cooking and baking projects I ventured into participating in. (In school I was forced to take a cooking class and panicked when I saw it on my schedule. Thankfully the teacher was lazy and had us only "cooking" cinnamon-butter toast and making donut holes. And I couldn’t even manage doing those correctly. I think I still got an A in the class, though. It must’ve been for at least trying.)

Most people think they know what they want but when they spit out their list of "dreams," it turns out that most of it is part of someone else’s dream list and not really theirs. They think they want the $120,000 Mercedes-Benz S-Class but, when they really think about it, they realize that this is what would make them "cool" and "successful-looking" in the eyes of other people they don’t even know (or care about) but it’s not really what they want. Once you figure out what you really want, you can then quickly get there on a super accelerated pathway. The hard part is figuring out what you want, believe it or not. Plus, the things you want now will be different than what you want 5 and 10 years from now. The world is changing and so are you. The more you realize that you have to be flexible and "roll with the punches," the better your life is going to work out for you.

I went from having success at the peak levels than anyone can imagine to not wanting any of it anymore just to be able to watch my little girl grow up. Once I had high levels of success and realized the type of mental, emotional, and even physical state that was constantly required just to keep up the high-maintenance lifestyle, I quickly realized that it ain’t all that like people think. Part of "growing up" means that you make these realizations. When I see the old guy in the $250,000 red hot car flying down the road with the top down, I think it’s funny as hell because he looks freakin’ ridiculous. Even worse, he doesn’t even know just how foolish and stupid he really looks with his bald head getting too red from overexposure of the sun. The only reason the mid-life crisis dude has to drive an expensive attention-getting ride is because he’s trying to show the world how important he is. Yet the world shouldn’t be important to him at all. Does he realize how shallow he’s being? I like nice cars. I usually drive luxury brands because I appreciate the upgrades that you get that come standard in those luxury vehicles. Years ago, I bought vehicles to impress other people. And I didn’t even realize how stupid that was until a couple of years ago. Here I am driving a $100,000+ BMW to impress people that…I don’t even freakin’ know!?! Or care about?! How stupid is that?! And maybe they’re looking at… Read more…