PaleoQue – Competition Quality Paleo BBQ for the Paleo Diet

Introducing PaleoQue™… Now you can be eating like a Homo Sapien and not a Neanderthal. Learn paleo style BBQ from an 8x Grand Champ, Bill Anderson (a World renowned BBQ expert with a cave full of trophies to prove it). Weight Loss will be easy and FUN when you are cooking & eating your own competition quality BBQ…

And… you’ll be glad to know, since this is a BBQ instruction manual, it is Keto and Low Carb friendly too!

Attention Ladies… If you’re a "cavewoman" and you think BBQing is too hard, then make sure you don’t tell these ladies of Que (Melissa Cookston, Lee Ann Whippen, and Diva Q Danielle Dimovski just to name a few). Between them, you’ve got multiple Grand Championships including two Memphis in May Championships, multiple BBQ books, TV shows, and several successful restaurants. If they can do it, you can too! Or just get your caveman up off the couch…

Now, unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 5 years, you already know that Paleo diets are big on “proteins”. And that means meats are going to be a big part of any Paleo diet and Keto too for that matter.

Everyone I know that has tried a Paleo diet has seen dramatic weight loss. Not to mention increased energy, better health, brain clarity, and overall fitness.

After all, doesn’t it make a whole lot of sense to eliminate all the chemicals and preservatives they put in the processed food these days? That’s what a Paleo diet will do for you.

But when I see people so desperate for something tasty that they eat a hamburger with just a “lettuce bun”, I know that sooner or later they are going to “fall off the wagon” so to speak. That’s why they call it yo-yo dieting.

…by teaching you how to smoke delicious Paleo BBQ in your own back yard. In fact, better BBQ than you can get in even the best of BBQ restaurants. And most people, men and women, find BBQing to be a fun hobby. It’s really addicting once you get hooked!

Maybe you have watched BBQ Pitmasters on TV?… those are the guys I used to compete against. And, more often than not, I would beat them. So, let me ask you a question…

They cooked over an open fire – they were the first to discover the smoke flavor and flame kissed goodness we now know as BBQ.

Now, you can toss out that crockpot pulled pork and replace it with smoked Boston butts so delicious that you’ll forget all about the fact you’re supposed to be on a “paleo diet”.

Why boil ribs or cook them in an oven when you could be eating championship smoked ribs – real caveman ribs – smoked over real fire.

Give the greasy fried do-do bird the boot – now you can be dining like a King or Queen on 1st place competition chicken.

Tough as T-Rex steaks are a thing of the past after you start cooking the way I show you how in PaleoQue…

And don’t worry if you don’t have a smoker yet, PaleoQue has a whole chapter on equipment selection. You can even use your BBQ grill as a smoker. You’ll even get a complete list of smoking woods and how to use them. Just like a fine wine is paired with a meal, smoke flavor is paired with your BBQ. If you are ready to start your new, exciting paleo diet now, click the button below. If you need more info, just keep reading…

I’m going to help you to smoke competition quality BBQ in your own cave too! You see, I wasn’t always an expert BBQ pitmaster… I started out in my back yard like everybody else. I thought I was pretty good at it too – having “perfected” a few barbecue recipes that delighted my friends and family.

Then one day, I was asked to help my brother-in-law at a BBQ competition down in Douglas, GA. We took 2nd place ribs in the back yard division and we were hooked. We moved on up to the pro division and ran into some serious roadblocks. As it turned out, those guys in the pro division don’t mess around… they take their BBQ seriously!

It was clear that my back yard barbecue recipes were not going to cut it. So I practiced and practiced and practiced some more. I needed testers and people to eat all those trial runs, so my friends and family loved it! But it was costing me a small fortune.

Competition after competition we sat there and watched while the other teams “walked” to get their checks and trophies. I found out real quick that BBQ judges were a lot different than my friends and family. BBQ judges will insult your barbecue skills in a heartbeat (with bad scoring) – friends and family will always tell you your BBQ is great no matter what.

I did some judging and I took a $750 class to figure out flavor profiles and other things the judges were looking for. These things, along with my own knowledge is what allowed me to go on to win 8 contests over the next 2 years – I was winning every other contest I entered! Yiiiippppeeee!

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with your paleo diet BBQ recipes, just send the processor (Clickbank) an email and they will immediately refund your money. There is a link to do this at the bottom of your email receipt. It’s simple, easy, and fast.

If you don’t like the detailed and step by step way I write the instructions for each dish in PaleoQue, just get a refund.

If you are not absolutely thrilled with every delicious main dish and side dish recipe in PaleoQue, make sure you demand a refund.

And… if you do request a refund, we’ll let…