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RDSCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEDiscover how a 135lb skinny-fat, low-self esteem guy came across the power of Physique Building secrets that gave him slabs of rock-hard muscle naturally , and is now putting Greek god statues like Hercules to shame.

But Like Millions Out There Drowning In A Sea Of Fitness Information… I Fell Into The Trap Of Conventional ‘Dieting’ & Exercise…Getting Me Nowhere

Before I dive into the two mind-blowing discoveries that changed the way I saw fitness forever, let me first introduce myself… Hey. I’m Dean (the former skinny-fat guy, and the guy you see in all these pictures here). For a whole decade, I spent my life in confusion with diet and over-fatigued from exercise. I sacrificed my self-confidence and my relationships with food and friends. Ever since I can remember, I had always wanted to take myself to new hights. All I ever wanted was to be the hero of my own story… Deep down, I wanted to reach the core of who I was and bring it to the surface for the world to see…and now, I’ve finally done it.

But for years…this core was silenced by the opinions of others along with my very own limiting beliefs. Fear of not fitting in…and fear of being thought of as a fitness-freak is what shackled me inside a world which was considered ’normal’. I was inhibited. That core, the essence of who I wanted to be was the highest, most powerful version of myself- a truly uninhibited, relentles version of ‘me’, conquering each goal I set my sights on. But how was I to do this? It was simple… I’d crystalize the deepest purpose of my relentless alter-ego through my physical body…. To be the best version of myself meant to be as physically fit, as physically aesthetic as I could be… I’d be the guy who pushed his limits, validating all those hours of grinding and all the mind-numbingly bland meals eaten for the sake of aesthetic muscle… I gave it my all… Naively misguided by the mountain of information that was available to me at the time. Only to find myself in a worse off situation than when I first started… Finding the right information to build upon my ultimate vision was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

I was fed up with 1) a self-defeating mindset along with the self-limiting beliefs that came with it, and 2) the lack of results I was getting from the hours of ‘work’ I was putting in the gym. You see, it wasn’t until years later that I discovered I was actually going about training the wrong way… Don’t even get me started on my old dieting philosophy…all the ‘hours of work’ I was putting in were actually getting me fatter and extremely exhausted… My performance in bed AND everywhere else began to suffer. I felt my precious testosterone levels dropping as I piled on the fat. I had caged myself with the principles of conventional training and dieting, becoming a slave to boring foods and resenting fitness as a whole. I was far from being free. Far from the idea of being the best, most uninhibited version of myself.

I hated the idea of being average if I took no action, or considered a freak if I went all in. Either way, I was damned if I was an obsessed freak, and damned if I wasn’t. Truth is, I’d think way too often about the opinions of others… The idea of staying average brought me to commit myself to becoming a better version of myself, whether I became a freak or not. So, I chose my path…I became that guy that who was totally obssessed and committed. From there on out, I had a new purpose in life. When these ‘naysayers’ would blurt out: "IT CANT BE DONE, WHY ARE YOU SO OBSESSED WITH THAT GYM THING?" I used it as fuel for my passion. One day, I thought, they’d have to eat their own words. I was tired of having a mediocre body…not even worthy of a second-glance from the opposite sex. I was fed up with spending hours and hours in the gym and not being and seeing who I wanted to be. Countless times I’d enter the gym to see that one guy who had done it, to what I had thought, achieved this ‘peak physique’. He was the dominant alpha…seeing him go up to the dumbbell rack and grab his pair of weights with authority, like they were his and had always been his…like he’d owned them forever. I looked at my own reflection immediately after looking his way…only to find myself disappointed with the few gains I had made over the months… Wanting to be that guy, I trained even harder…or so I thought. Throwing energy around without a strategy got me spinning my wheels. “What the hell is he eating?…how the hell is he training??” I knew there were alternatives to taking this route faster. The route towards physical perfection. I had decided that taking steroids or performance enhanced drugs wasn’t one of them. Diebetes and health risks run in my family, I wasn’t about to risk my health for an easy way out. If I could reach my peak physique and manifest my inner-hero outwardly, to wear it as an expression through my physical body, naturally, then it was a pursuing worth going for.

Remember that guy I mentioned earlier? The guy who looked like he just owned the gym, like he had all the confidence in the world… Yeah…I was now that guy. Its crazy. I couldn’t believe it myself…but it felt so right! I thought it would take a life time to cultivate this kind of confidence. My mindset had totally shifted from a victim… Read more…