The Natural Thyroid Diet. NEW! 2018 Edition Now Available.

According to the American Thyroid Association (ATA) thyroid-related disorders are reaching epidemic levels with an estimated 200 million people worldwide now diagnosed with some form of thyroid disease.

What’s more, thyroid experts predict this is just the tip of the iceberg as many more continue to suffer due to a lack of a proper diagnosis.

These are shocking statistics….these are REAL people, struggling day to day with a thyroid imbalance.

Despite overall improvements in living standards, and technological innovations we are not creating communities that allow people to thrive.

There’s been a radical shift in the way we eat due to industrialisation of our food supply, we are exposed to an overwhelming amount of toxins, and for the most part family and community structures have broken down.

Along with overwhelming stress these factors are taking a serious toll on our emotional and physical health.

The thyroid is particularly vulnerable to disruption by toxic foods, industrial pollutants, and stress. In effect, this small fragile gland is the ‘canary in the coal mine’.

The Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide to Living Well, Living Vibrantly draws on the research, and insights I have gained over the last eleven years.

My personal interest in thyroid health was sparked by my own experience with excess ‘reverse T3’. This hypothyroid disorder developed due to enormous work pressures, and lowered immunity.

I was able to successfully overcome this thyroid health challenge. And as you can imagine, my healing journey has given me valuable insights.

It’s also the reason I’m on a mission to create greater awareness of the importance of optimal thyroid health.

One of the biggest secrets I’ve discovered in helping literally thousands of individuals transform their thyroid health is this…

A thyroid-nourishing diet upgrade can mean the difference between struggling with sub-optimal thyroid health…

I truly believe no matter what obstacles you face it’s possible to achieve optimal thyroid health. And I’m here for you. YOU are the reason I wrote The Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide to Living Well, Living Vibrantly. Let me tell you more…

The Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide to Living Well, Living Vibrantly 2018 Edition goes beyond being just another diet eBook.

I rewrote this eBook from scratch as there was so much new information I wanted to share with you. Including the real reasons WHY we are seeing an epidemic of thyroid disorders.

You will discover my 60-page eBook provides a TON of information that combines a natural healing approach with the latest scientific research.

“I would recommend this as a fantastic reference book for the newly diagnosed. The information in The Natural Thyroid Diet really helped me understand my thyroid problem and what to do about it.” Ms B. Sydney, Australia.*

“Thank you Louise for so much effort in writing The Natural Thyroid Diet. It’s appreciated as your eBook is extremely informative and easy to understand … Even though I already eat a whole food diet, gluten, and soy free, learning about the available thyroid tests to pursue, and useful supplements that may help has been a great learning curve.. I will be using your book as a reference guide as I follow the trail to better thyroid health…!” Diane M. NE Victoria, Australia.*

“I have found The Natural Thyroid Diet to be extremely helpful. I wish I had been able to access this type of information years ago! It is just so informative.” Sharon P. Goulburn Valley. Victoria, Australia.*

So you don’t have to wait. You can get started TODAY as you will get immediate access to this 60-page eBook once your payment is approved.

Wherever you are on your healthy-living journey if you are ready to take the next step with me please go ahead and grab your copy today.

Louise O’Connor Naturopath + Wellness Coach Author – The Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide To Living Well, Living Vibrantly

P.S. The information presented in The Natural Thyroid Diet. Your Holistic Guide to Living Well, Living Vibrantly is written from my unique Naturopathic perspective as I want to help you achieve optimal health. And why is that? I believe YOU deserve to feel so much better, you are so worthy of living your life to the fullest!

The Natural Thyroid Diet was first written in 2007. (The eBook available today is the NEW fully revised edition). This is a sample of the feedback I have received over the last eleven years.

“The Natural Thyroid Diet book is a wonderful resource to educate yourself on thyroid function in order to be very proactive with your medical practitioner and receive a proper diagnosis. A basic TSH blood test with an average result is not enough! I used the information in this book to request the broad spectrum of tests. And at last I got an answer to why I was feeling so tired and run down. The book then gave me great resources to change my diet and take the correct supplements to address my finally diagnosed underactive thyroid condition. And what a difference that has made. I am back functioning again and well able to cope with all life stresses.” Diane C. New Zealand.*

“The Natural Thyroid Diet book has been so valuable to me in regards to the clear yet detailed information it gives on thyroid health. I now feel empowered and informed to take control of my own health and ask my GP for all of the tests necessary to pinpoint where my thyroid health is at.” Carmen S. Melbourne, Australia.*

“I used to be extremely fit, weighing 120 pounds (54.5kg). In the past two years I’ve lost all my energy and have gained around 20 pounds (9kg) with no control in sight. When I read The Natural Thyroid Diet eBook I realized that finally someone understood my problem.” Ms R. Dallas, Texas. USA.*

“None of the doctors I saw would listen to me. They…