Success“International Speaker And Sales Trainer, Khabeer Rockley Reveals His Powerful And Profitable System To Close More One-On-One Sales, So You Can Serve More People – And Make More Money”

The 5% Institute™; a company dedicated to helping Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, and Business Owners get more leads, and win more sales. Before dedicating his work fulltime to coaching and training, for over a decade Khabeer owned and ran a range of diverse businesses; ranging from high-level event management and marketing, to retail and digital. The creator of “The 5% Sales Blueprint™” sales system, Khabeer now devotes his time helping and serving other driven Entrepreneurs and Sales Professionals to make more profit, crush more goals, and win more clients and sales.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any sales skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

The Winning Mindset: You’ll learn the step by step process to write and execute actionable goals and targets that you’ll actually achieve. No ‘new-year’s resolution type goals’ that don’t get fulfilled – learn what actually works. Why People Buy: Most Sales Programs don’t teach the human behaviour and psychology behind why people buy in the first place. Imagine you knew the psychological triggers that caused buying behaviour – which means you can align your sales process, service and offer with their buying strategy. What would knowing this information do to your overall sales and business? You’ll get this, and more. The 5% Sales Blueprint™: This is the exact step by step process and system used not only by Khabeer Rockley himself, but by thousands of his students successfully, that has caused them sales success and more profit. No more ‘winging it’ – go into every sales conversation prepared and tailored to win the sale! Objections: You’ll learn the exact formula from turning objections into a firm yes and handshake. Instead of ‘waiting for objections’ like everyone else teaches, you’ll learn how to stop them in their tracks before they even come up! Winning the sale: No more slimy ‘hard closing tactics’ that make you all feel awkward; instead, learn the simple process to win more sales, and serve more clients. Detailed Workbook: Not only is it conveniently self-delivered; you also get a follow through workbook, formatted for ease of us; so you can action each step of the sales process and easily implement what you learn, into your sales conversations.   Online e-learning platform: When you join The 5% Sales Blueprint™, you get access to our revolutionary e-learning platform. The training can be studied weekly for focused immersion, or studied in your own pace through a step by step module system. Access the training online from any desktop or mobile device anywhere in the world anytime you like.

With this in your toolkit, you’ll have a complete, power-packed asset of instruction, questions, and examples… More than enough to overwhelm your competition.

We believe in giving you exactly what you need to be profitable in sales, so you can just focus on winning more clients and achieve sales success. No confusion, fluff or filler.

Goal Setting For Success: Most trainers teach goals in a way that don’t get you motivated correctly to actually achieve them. No wonder why most people don’t fulfill their New-Year resolutions!  Instead, you’re going to learn how to set goals and targets, harnessing human behaviour and psychology – so you become a sales powerhouse! Why Do People Buy: Not only are you going to learn a proven step by step sales system, but you’re also going to learn the human behaviour and psychology behind why people buy. After you know this, you’ll be able to put this new knowledge into your marketing, branding, advertising, and of course – your sales process. Your Introduction To A Proven Sales Process: Most Salespeople and Business Owners ‘wing it’ with sales. They try a bit of this and a bit of that – and wonder why they get mixed, inconsistent results? We train Sales Professionals and Business Owners how they can get consistency and build systems. This way you get certainty, and you win more sales. Building Rapport: The old-school, cheesy and over enthusiastic salesperson is dead. Instead, you need to learn how to build rapport effectively, using both conscious and subconscious methods. In this module, you will learn the art of easily building commonality and rapport, by using techniques derived from NLP.   Setting Pre-Frames: Ever wonder why some Sales Professionals and Business Owners don’t seem to get many objections or sales friction? How do you eliminate “I need to think about it”, or “I need to speak to my Wife/ Husband/ Business Partner”? You’re going to learn how to knock these objections down before they even come up! Position yourself as The Trusted Specialist, and learn how to take control of the sale each and every time. Power Questions: Most Sales Professionals and Business Owners stay on the surface when asking questions, and get mediocre results for doing so. By learning Power Questions, you’re going to know how to professionally deep dive into your clients biggest wants and needs, so you can sell more effectively and elegantly. Decision Making Drivers: With your new learnt ability of sales psychology and human behaviour, how do you put this into practice? There is a particular way of bridging the gap of where they are and where they need to be, and in this module, you’ll learn how to do this.   Presenting: Has anyone ever presented a product or service to you that made you absolutely cringe? Chances are high that they weren’t following a proven presentation system. Use my 5 x step presentation system, so you present in a way that makes them want to buy. Objections: Although The 5% Sales Blueprint teaches you how to stop most objections dead in their tracks… Read more…