The Green and Clean Method

I’m about to reveal to you a secret that the diet industry DEFINITELY does not want you to know. It’s a big secret, and they guard it very closely because it makes them BILLIONS of dollars. And yet it’s something that affects you and women just like you all over the world EVERY DAY.

But listen…before I share this secret with you, I have to warn you. It’s pretty controversial. It may upset you. It may confuse you. It may make you feel frustrated. But I want to make you a promise. Stick with it. Hear me out. Read this message until the end. And I promise you’ll be so glad you did. You’ll practically want to jump for joy!

Because you’ll finally understand how easy it can really be to lose weight. How the pounds can just melt away almost without you doing anything and how they can STAY away, forever and give you a new lease of life. And all that knowledge comes from this one little secret I’m about to share with you right now.

The secret that the diet industry is keeping from you is that they WANT you to be heavy. They WANT you to weigh more than you’d like.

They want you to struggle to fit into your favorite jeans, and they want you to be unhappy about it. In fact, most of their programs are designed to give you weight loss in the short term and then make you pile the pounds back on in the future. Of course if you’re like any normal person you’re probably wondering the same question that I used to wonder – why are they doing it this way?

If you think about it, it’s called the diet INDUSTRY, right? It’s a business, and like any business, they want money. As much of it as possible. If they gave you the REAL secret to losing weight, you’d burn off the fat so quickly and easily you’d never need them again.

Can you imagine if Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig gave you that secret at your very first meeting? You’d drop so many pounds you’d never need to go back! Don’t worry – I’ll tell you the secret in a little bit, so you know exactly what I’m talking about.

There are THREE secrets in fact, and they’re so secretive and controversial the diet and food industry actually work in cahoots to keep them from you!

But before I reveal them to you, seriously think about this for a second: If you really knew how to drop the fat and KEEP it dropped, you’d never need to diet again, would you?

Neither would anybody else. And that would mean the diet industry no longer makes the billions of dollars it makes now. But the fat cats running all those companies, they’re greedy. They want to keep their billions. They want to make MORE billions, in fact. They want it to be almost impossible for you to lose weight. They want to tease you at first, let you drop a few dress sizes…and then have you pile all the weight back on and come running back to them a few months later.

And let’s face it: we’ve all experienced how sad and depressing that can be. When you feel like you did great, like a diet really helped you look and feel your best…but then when you try to go back to a more normal way of eating – BOOM – the pounds are suddenly back. And it’s so much easier to gain them than it is to lose them, isn’t it?

In this short but extremely valuable message I’m going to reveal 3 powerful weight loss secrets that the food and diet industries are DESPERATE for you to not find out. Oh, and it’ll make you much healthier in every aspect of your life too!

This message is controversial, and I honestly don’t know how long it’ll be online for. If you don’t read until the end right now, I can’t promise you’ll get another chance.

This is not information that’s being shared elsewhere, so this really is your best bet at finding out the truth.

Now pay close attention because I’m about to reveal to you the first secret about losing weight. This is information that’s backed up by countless medical studies but is NOT given to the masses, and there’s a chance that even your own doctor wouldn’t tell you this.

For decades we’ve been told fat is what makes us fat and gives us heart attacks and many other issues.

We’ve even been encouraged to scan the ingredients of everything we eat and avoid the fats like the plague.

The truth is that ordinary old sugar is almost definitely doing WAY more damage to your weight loss efforts right now – not to mention your overall health and life expectancy.

I’m not talking about a spoonful of sugar or two in your coffee each morning, I’m talking about the "hidden" sugar lurking in so much of what we eat these days. The giant food corporations know that not only does sugar make everything taste better, but it’s also possible for humans to become addicted to it. They cram their foods full of it without you even realizing, making sure that most people are eating dangerous amounts of it without knowing.

They do it in 2 very sneaky, shady ways. The first is by hardly ever calling it sugar. There are actually 61 different names in use today for plain old sugar. The food manufacturers do this to sneak it under your radar and keep their food tasting great, all the while tricking you into thinking it’s "healthy". But when they’re calling it things like Corn Sweetener, Fructose, Corn Syrup, Dextrin, Dextrose, Fruit Juice, Maltose, and Lord knows what else, how on earth are you supposed to know they’re actually saying a food is packed with sugar?

We all know it’s not great for us and that it contains…