100 in 7 Days

The offer will last for a minimum of 5 weeks, so if we hit target early, you are likely to make even more.

If we fall short of the £500 target in 5 weeks then we will keep going until we’ve made at least £500 profit.

Why this way? Because its easier and when you know how to do it a £200 bank is all you need and we may not even need that much. Over the last 6 weeks we have only ended 1 week with a loss, and that a small loss of £18.50

We start each week with a £100 bank and look to make £100 for the week in 7 days or less.

If we hit £100+ profit on the week, we stop there and start again the next week with a fresh £100 bank and bank the profits.

I asked members who have been with me for the last 6 weeks for some feedback, here are some replies:

If you want to join me for the next £500 profit starting on Monday 27th August, just click below.

This covers my costs, that’s all. But I’m sure if I make you £500 in the next 5 weeks you’ll be more than happy to use a little of that profit to join me on a long term basis.

Wins = +£9.50 on £10 stakes or +£19.00 on £20 stakes. Losses vary in price due to the price of the horses on the lay market, each loss is marked with the amount lost on the bet.