Better Survival Food

“Just Because The SHTF Doesn’t Mean Your Emergency Food Should Taste Like It Also Hit The Fan…”

Plus, discover how some “Prepper” foods are so bad for you they’d even make a Billy Goat keel over…

Let’s face it… If you buy most emergency foods you know they aren’t quite known for their taste. And if you’ve canned your own you still need to have a few skills up your sleeve to make them taste like a hearty home cooked meal.

Listen, when the SHTF the last thing you need is to feel like this. You need your energy for more important things like keeping you and your loved ones alive.

"Now do you see why lip smacking delicious and nutritious food is a vital part of your survival plan?"

Your food will be the determining factor if you survive and thrive or if you make yourself sick beyond repair.

It’s no secret that during an emergency no matter if it’s a couple days or a couple of years, you want food that tastes like a stick to your ribs home cooked meal.

And of course you want your food to provide all the nutrition you need to stay strong and alert for your family.

You see, if you really want to have your cake and eat it too, then this is definitely what you’ve been missing.

Because what you’re about to discover takes your canning food guide and takes it to a whole new level in flavor town!

Trust me, I should know because before learning these secrets I used to dread rotating and sampling my food stock. Half the time I would just take a bite or two and toss the rest out.

Yes, I felt bad for doing…