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Expert Program Design

Expert Program DesignCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEGain instant access to the exact training system LEAN Performance Academy Owner Fred Zoller used to train his staff and grow to over 500 clients and generate over $600,000 dollars in revenue in only 3 years!

When I finally decided to go out on my own and start my own fitness facility, one of the major challenges I faced was the lack of TIME. It was very difficult to train for 8-12 hours per day, manage the business and then do 2-3 hours more of programming. This did not even include all the administrative work as well.  

Quite honestly, I was often behind when it came to designing programs, which forced me to make up some of my workouts on the spot and decreased results for my clients, slowly diminishing my level of professionalism.  

When I couldn’t find a solution that produced programs to my satisfaction, I decided to create one myself…

In the first year of creating this system and implementing it, my sales nearly doubled from $186,000 to over $600,000! Amazing huh?

Now I could maintain the program quality that allowed this growth to happen and finally feel like a business owner. 

If you’re like me, you want to grow but not at the expense of watering down the quality of what you offer. You need to replicate yourself…not add inferior coaching to your business.

This system finally allowed me to know, with confidence that every program that was delivered in my facility was one that I could be proud of…and now I’m sharing my system with you.

You’ll get the exact program design tool I use and over 300 exercise videos to give you everything you need to develop a world class staff while saving yourself literally hundreds of hours of your own time.

in my first year of using the system, i was able to hire 7 coaches and train them to deliver perfect programs!

I used this system to hire and develop 7 different trainers in it’s first year of use with incredible results. Not only were my trainers put in a position to be great at their job, but I also enjoyed…

Staff…as I mentioned earlier, if you don’t have the staff you would only be able to see so many clients per day.  

Now, you can use the “Expert Program Design Platform” to do private and semi-private sessions and have multiple programs for each client in the group! 

Imagine taking 3-4 clients and putting them into one group with different programs! This means more money and less time and you could also save time with the program design tool! 

You can also use the program design platform to create amazing programs for small groups of 10. The best is that your staff could do it for you with guaranteed success!

Are large groups your niche? With the 11 done-for-you workout templates, creating awesome professional large group workouts is a breeze! 

If you wanted to multiply your talents and make more money, you can certainly do it with this product!

Ultimately there will be some people who can’t afford any of your programs but would love to benefit from the results!

You could easily in little time deliver a high quality 3 month fitness program and sell it to them for a fraction of the cost! Program Design could be a great new service!

Oh, did I mention that a video library of over 320 exercise videos was included?? You can use this to easily upsell the quality of your… Read more…