Hollywood Abs – 10 Minute Ab Workouts

You see, I was deep down the "YouTube Rabbit Hole", and I was watching video after video when I came across an interview with Hugh Jackman.

In the interview, Hugh Jackman was talking about how he got his shredded 6-pack for his role in the Wolverine movie.

You see, for years, I’ve had trouble building a six-pack. It’s always been my "stubborn" body part. It didn’t matter how much I dieted, I always had trouble losing the belly fat.

Whenever I’d go to the beach or pool party, I’d wear a tank top and wouldn’t take it off. I may have looked jacked in my tank top, but underneath, I was hiding a soft, jiggly, gut. If I was sitting in a chair, my "rolls" would all bunch up and fold over. If I stood up after sitting for a while, I’d have red lines all across my stomach where my "rolls" folded over. It was disgusting.

If you’ve seen the original X-Men movies, you’ll remember that Hugh’s physique wasn’t "celebrity status". In fact, he looked just average. He didn’t even look like a superhero. It wasn’t until he started using a new nutrition and diet protocol he got from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that he completely transformed his physique into the ripped 6-pack you see in the Wolverine movies.

He then went on to talk about his "Hollywood Diet" where he skips breakfast until 10 in the morning.

I did some more research and discovered tons of other celebrities use this "Hollywood Diet", including Zac Efron and Terry Crews.

It turns out that if you workout in the morning before eating breakfast, you will burn more belly fat than if you train after eating. There is more blood flow in your abdominal region in the morning before breakfast, which means that fat-burning compounds like catecholamines can reach this stubborn fat easier, resulting in more belly fat loss.

…Which means Hugh Jackman, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Zac Efron, and Terry Crews were on to something.

I used to know a guy who was afraid to make love to his wife because he hated his ugly beer-gut. …And when she forced him to bed, he’d wear a t-shirt because he was so disgusted with himself.

He did all of the things above, and it got him no-where.  He was spinning his wheels.  Unfortunately, it wreaked havoc on his marriage and he’s now divorced.

You’ve been doing all the wrong things, but it’s not your fault.  You don’t know their secret…until now.

There’s a 10-minute solution you can use every day before breakfast that will obliterate belly fat and sculpt a lean and ripped 6-pack, and it’s found in our never-before-seen celebrity handbook, Hollywood Abs.

If you want to get shredded abs now, then it’s critical that you focus on the 3 ingredients (proven by science) in the Hollywood Abs formula.

The 10-Minute "Hollywood Abs" solution that you will now discover will contain EVERYTHING you need to finally get your dream midsection WITHOUT worrying if you’re the “right fit” for this solution.

Many Hollywood Stars are starting to skip breakfast in the morning?  Why?  It works to extend your fat loss.  You see, when you go to sleep, your body slowly starts to ramp up fat burning.  When you skip breakfast in the morning, you extend this fat burning period by up to 8 more hours. On top of this, it goes hand-in-hand with Secrets #2 and #3.

Research shows that training while fasted (in the morning before eating) allows you to burn more fat than if you trained after eating. On top of this, research also shows that you can burn more belly fat if you train fasted; which means it’s easier to get a six pack. Lastly, research shows that the type of cardio matters, so you want to do short bursts of High Intensity Cardio instead of long, slow, boring cardio.

New research shows that "spot reduction" isn’t a myth, but a real thing.  With Hollywood Abs, you train your abs in the morning, then follow it with a short and intense cardio session.  Research shows that this is the best method for building your abs and melting belly fat. The best part is: it only takes 10-minutes in the morning.

After discovering this 10-Minute "6-Pack" Method used by Hollywood Stars, I used it for 6-weeks and got these results.

After using this method for 6 weeks, I called up my buddy (and pro Strength Coach) Alain Gonzalez to tell him about this brand new technique…

It turns out he found that already found that research himself and he’d been using the protocol for years.

Alain Gonzalez used the 10-Minute Hollywood Abs protocol to get a 6-pack. Now he’s the "Hot Dad" instead of the guy with the "Dad Bod".

After testing this 10-Minute 6-Pack Abs method, we now know that it works. That’s why we created teamed up to help you finally get a 6-pack with Hollywood Abs, the 10-minute 6-Pack Protocol (based on science) to melt belly-fat and build shredded abs now.

Hollywood Abs is an easy-to-use six-pack program for men that will transform your body like a Hollywood star in 10 minutes per day.

His transformation has been featured in articles on websites all over the internet and has given hope to countless “hardgainers” all over the world.

-He is a bestselling author and has been featured in the largest online fitness magazines in the world.

Jason Maxwell is a Rocket Scientist turned Fitness Professional. Because of this, he appreciates the science of helping people get jacked and lean.

-He is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and Functional Movement Systems.

…the best workout for shredding fat without having to do long boring cardio…How to make your abs pop out…